University Policies

Approval Date: 4/7/01
Approved By: President

Computer Anti-Virus Policy

Computer viruses range from relatively benign to extremely destructive. In order to protect against computer viral infections, all Macintosh and Windows platform PC's in WIU's computer labs have the latest anti-virus software installed. In addition, all faculty and staff personal computers have virus protection installed. As new viruses develop and evolve, this virus protection software is updated to deal with potential new threats. This does not guarantee absolute protection. However, it greatly reduces the possibility of infections spreading to other computer systems.

University Technology (uTech) strongly recommends that students who own personal computers install and maintain virus protection on their personal computers, regardless of whether the computers are located on or off campus.

If a virus is detected by uTech technical staff and it is determined that it is originating and spreading from a student-owned personal computer in a residence hall, the steps outlined below will be taken.

  1. When a virus or DoS (Denial of Service) attack is detected, the port the student PC is connected to will be disabled by uTech staff and a Help Desk ticket will be entered with any information available in regard to the situation.
  2. uTech staff will identify the building and room number and attempt to contact the student to schedule an appointment.
  3. A ResNet technician will meet with the student and assist with a clean up of the PC.
  4. Once the technician believes the computer is fixed, uTech will enable the port.
  5. If the problem does not recur, uTech will leave the port on.
  6. If the problem does recur, then the following will happen: If the ResNet technician cannot remedy the situation, the user will remain disabled until he/she has their system serviced by a third party. In the case of a virus problem, the third party must either remove the virus or rebuild the system and reinstall the student's software. A DoS attack may make changes to the registry that cannot be located by even the best technicians. In that case, the third party will again have to rebuild the system and reinstall the student's software.
  7. Any and all of the above steps may remedy the situation, but they will not by any means guarantee that student systems will not be infected again, in which case all of the steps above will be repeated.

uTech has arranged to provide anti-virus software to students who wish to install it on their own personal computer systems. Students should be aware that potential software problems do exist in regard to installing anti-virus software. For example, if a personal computer system has another type or brand of anti-virus software installed, it may cause software conflicts. If a computer is already infected, this may also potentially create software conflicts.

uTech provides the anti-virus software as is, with no liability expressed or implied. It may only be installed and used by currently enrolled WIU students. The anti-virus software may be acquired at the following web page: (This method is not recommended for installation over a dial-up link.) Users will be prompted for an ECOM ID and password in order to download this software. Updates to the anti-virus software can be obtained by clicking on the LiveUpdate button once anti-virus has been installed.

Students may also obtain an anti-virus for PC's CD (on loan) if they wish to install from CD rather than from a web page. (Macintosh users must install from a CD, as installing from the web link is not an option.) These CDs will be available for check out from the Audio Visual department in the basement of the library.

Students must agree to the Anti-Virus Policy above before downloading or acquiring a CD from the Audio Visual department.