University Policies

Official University Policy Manual

The following list is all of the current policies in effect at Western Illinois University. Printed copies of specific policies may be requested by contacting any Vice President's office or the Library Reference Desk.

University Policies
Academic Dishonesty Policy for Students (see Student Academic Integrity Policy)
Academic Deans Policy
Access to and Release of Student Information Policy
ADA Services for Faculty/Staff
Administrative Admissions, Procedures for
Administrative Officer Succession Policy
Administrator Emeritus Status, Policy on
Administrator Selection Procedures
Advance Payments/Overpayments
Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Statement to be Used in all Job Ads
Alumni/Foundation Database Use Policy
Animals, Feral/Wild; Policy Prohibiting the Feeding/Care/Sheltering of
Animals in Buildings Policy
Annual Performance Evaluation Procedure for Administrative Personnel
Articulating Credit for Advanced Placement and External Examinations, Policy on
Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Procedures
Avoidance on Appearance of Nepotism in Academic Matters
Awarding of Posthumous Degrees
Background Investigation Policy
Bereavement Leave Policy
Book Order Policy
Business/Departmental Expenses Policy
Change for the Purpose of Classrooms, Policy for the
Children in the Workplace Policy
Class Costs, Policy on Approval, Collection, and Notification of
Clerical Services Policy
COAP Grievance Policy
Compensatory Time/Overtime Policy
Concealed Carry Policy
Condoms Distribution Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Conflict of Interest With Regards to Sponsored Projects Policy
Consensual Amorous Relationships Policy
Contract Procedures
Course Syllabus Policy
Data Security and Handling Policy
Debt Compliance and Management Policy
Department Responsibilities
Department Chair Responsibilities
Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Policy
Disposal of Records Policy
Disruptive Student Behavior Procedure Policy
Domestic Partner Benefit Program Policy
Domestic Partner Health Insurance Premium Reimbursement Program
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy
Drug-Free Workplace Policy Statement
Electrical Blackout Procedure
Electronic Funds Transfer Payroll Program
Electronic Mail (Email) Policy
Emeritus Policy
Emotional Support Animal Policy
Employment of Individuals With Disabilities Policy
Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy Statement
Facilities Planning and Construction
Faculty Responsibilities
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (Notification to Students) Policy
Field Trips Policy
Final Examination Policy
Foundation Records Confidentiality Policy
Fraud Policy
Fund-Raising and Gift Guidelines
Gifts, Contributions, Promotional Items, and Prizes Policy
Grade Appeals Policy
Grades and Class Attendance Policy
Green Purchasing
Campus Golf & Utility Cart Policy
Hazing Policy
Honorary Degree
Identification Card Policy
Illinois Paid Leave Policy
Immunization Protocol
Incomplete Grade Policy
Information Security Program Policy
Institutional Response to AIDS Statement
Internal Auditing Policy
Internal Offset Policy
International Travel
Investment Policy
Just and Equal Treatment
Laboratory/Class Charge Policy
Legal Procedures Policy
Licensed Vendors for Reproduction of Items with WIU Logos, Policy on Use of
Limiting University Operations Because of Emergency Conditions Policy
Logo & Trademark Usage, Policy on
Mobile Food Vendor Policy
Military Recruiting, Marketing, and Advertising Policy
Military Service Policy
Misconduct in Scholarly Activities, Responding to Allegations of
Missing Student Policy
Mobile & Remote Communication
Mobile Stage (Show Mobile) Policy
Motorized Personal Mobility Vehicle Use Policy
Moving Expenses Guidelines Policy
Naming University Facilities and Activities Policy
Non-Discrimination and Reasonable Accommodation of Students' Religious Observances Policy (see Religious Observance Policy)
Oral English Proficiency Assessment Program Policy
Outside Consulting and Research Activities Policy
Password Policy
Personal Property Loss Policy
Plagiarism (see Student Academic Integrity Policy)
Political Activities Policy
Prepayment of Orders for Goods and Services Procedures
Prerequisite Procedure
Processing University Subpoenas Policy
Procurements from Businesses Owned by Minorities, Women and Persons With a Disability Policy
Prompt Submission of Employee Reinbursements
Property Use
Public Art Policy
Purchase of Real Estate Policy
Records Management Policy
Refund and Credit Policy
Registration Policy for Study Abroad at WIU
Relationship Between the Office of Public Safety and the Student Rights and Responsibilities Office
Religious Observance
Requesting and Assessing Laboratory (Class) Fees Policy (See Laboratory/Class Charge Policy)
Remote Work Policy (formerly Telecommuting Policy)
Residual Balance From a Fixed-Fee Contract Policy
Retired Faculty and Administrators, Policy on
Retiree Recognition Policy
Returned Check Policy
Scheduling and Use of Western Hall Policy
Search Firm Use, Policy on
Search Waiver and Promotion Policy
Security Camera Policy
Service Animal Policy
Services for Students with Disabilities Policy
Sexual Assault Policy Statement
Sharing Names and Addresses of our Student Body with Local Merchants Policy
Sick Leave Bank Policy
Skateboarding Policy
Smoking/Tobacco Use Policy
Smoke-Free Campus Policy
Space Allocation and Management Policy
Special Events Policy
Special Events WIU Quad Cities Policy
Sponsored Credit Classes Policy
Student Absence Policy Clarification
Student Academic Integrity Policy
Student and Staff Labels and Lists Policy
Student Bereavement Policy
Student Option Disclosure of Private Mental Health Policy
Student Organization Policy
Students Participating in University-Sanctioned Activities
Student Preferred First Name and Gender Identity Policy
Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act, and Drug Free School and Communities Act Information Policy
Supplemental Pay
Tailgate Area Policy
Taxation of International Persons Policy
Technology Use Policy (formerly Appropriate Use Policy)
Text Messaging Policy
Transcript Policy
Tuition and Fee Waivers Policy
Undergraduate Student Responsibility Statement
University Procedures and Practices on Indirect Cost Reimbursements From Gifts, Grants and Contracts for Research, Training, Public Service or Other University Activities Policy
University Relations: A Guide for News Coverage, Image Building & Publications Standards
University-Sponsored Educational Materials Policy
Use of University Facilities Policy
Fire Ordinance Policy
Policy on Commercial and Charitable Solicitation
Policies Governing the Sale and Provision of Alcoholic Beverages
Instructional/Training/Programs Policy
Parking Policy
Use of University Property Policy
Vendor Management Policy
Volunteer Emergency Worker Policy
Web Use, Accessibility, and Privacy Policy
Western Courier: Alcohol Advertising Policy
Western Hall Staging Usage Policy
Withdrawal from Courses or University Policy
Workplace Violence Policy

In addition, policy information is provided in several other documents available on campus, including: