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Approval Date: 4/7/08
Approved By: President

Volunteer Emergency Worker Policy

Consistent with the Volunteer Emergency Worker Higher Education Protection Act (110 ILCS 122), Western Illinois University will reasonably accommodate any student who is a volunteer emergency worker in regard to absence from class caused by the performance of her or his duties as a volunteer emergency worker. A volunteer emergency worker is defined in the Volunteer Emergency Worker Job Protection Act (50 ILCS 748) and in most cases would be a volunteer firefighter, emergency medical technician, ambulance driver or attendant, or other first responder.

If an absence is the result of a student’s documented role as a volunteer emergency worker an instructor must accommodate the absence within reason. Any student who feels that he or she has been unreasonably denied this accommodation shall have the right to appeal through the appropriate chairperson, or in the event the instructor is the chairperson, through the appropriate dean. The chairperson (or dean) shall report all appeal decisions to the academic vice president.