University Policies

Approval Date: 12/09/94
Approved By: President

Policy on Distribution of Free Condoms

Subject to prior approval of the Vice President for Student Services or his/her designee, condoms may be distributed without charge by student organizations, University offices, local health care providers, or other persons or entities as determined by the Vice President for Student Services or designee, when and if these are distributed in conjunction with an educational program.

Condoms distributed under this policy must be:

  1. Displayed and distributed in a professional manner consistent with the educational mission.
  2. Accompanied by printed materials which emphasize the educational objectives of this program.
  3. Distributed only to students, faculty, and staff.
  4. Distributed in the Union Concourse Area, Beu Health Center, or other designated areas which have been pre-approved by the Vice President for Student Services or the Vice President's designee for such use.

The University will assume no responsibility for providing or insuring the quality of any condom distributed pursuant to this policy.