University Policies

Approval Date: 9/17/07
Approved By: President

Policy on Supplemental Pay for Administrative Employees

Supplemental pay is defined as compensation to employees above their primary contract with the University for work performed outside their primary duties and work hours. Consulting and other professional services performed internal to the University are normally considered to be included in the base pay of exempt employees. However, in certain circumstances, supplemental compensation is allowable when the guidelines described below are followed. These guidelines must be followed regardless of fund source.


This policy will be in accordance with OMB Circular A-21, namely:

J.8.d.(1)…in unusual cases where consultation is across departmental lines or involves a separate or remote operation, the work performed by the consultant is in addition to his/her regular departmental load, any charges for such work representing extra compensation above the base salary are allowable provided that such consulting arrangements are specifically provided for in the agreement or approved in writing by the sponsoring agency.

  1. It is expected that Professional/Administrative employees’ working hours, duties, and responsibilities to the University may vary. Such variations are not a basis for additional pay.
  2. Vice Presidents are not eligible for supplemental compensation without justification and prior approval of the President. Deans are not eligible for supplemental compensation without justification and prior approval of the Provost.
  3. Chairs and Directors are only eligible for supplemental compensation with written justification and prior approval of the Dean/Supervisor and the Vice President.
  4. Supplemental work must not conflict with employees’ contractual responsibilities to the University.
  5. Supplemental compensation is only allowed if it is determined that the provision of release time to perform the work is not practical.
  6. Supplemental/overload pay, of up to 40% of the employee’s FTE salary in any given month, may be allowed.
  7. Requests for retroactive supplemental payment are acceptable only with written justification.

All exceptions to this policy require written justification and the appropriate approval as defined below:

Approval Process

Advanced approval is required through administrative channels. This approval process includes the employee’s chair/supervisor, the employee’s dean/chief administrator, the employee’s vice president in addition to the fiscal agent, the fiscal agent’s dean/chief administrator, and the fiscal agent’s vice president. All requests must be submitted on a Supplemental Payment Request form and specify the nature of the work/activity to be performed, an estimate of the time required, and the supplemental pay amount.

These guidelines will be implemented in compliance with the University's equal opportunity/affirmative action policy.