University Policies

Approval Date: 07/29/98
Approved By: President

Policy on Animals in Buildings

Western Illinois University is committed to providing a safe and healthy working, studying and living environment for students, staff and faculty. Pursuant to this commitment, animals will not be permitted in university building unless required for visual assistance or educational requirements. Exceptions to this policy shall be directed to the Director of Affirmative Action/ADA Compliance Office or designee.

Procedures for granting an exception to the animal policy:

  1. Approval from supervisor, dean/director, and vice president allowing the animal in the workplace.
  2. Clearance from employees located in the immediate area to ensure no one fears or has a medical condition which would prohibit bringing an animal in the workplace.
  3. Appropriate documentation completed defining the reason for having the animal in the workplace.
  4. Daily care plan procedures documented in advance.
  5. Proof of the animal's medical documentation.