University Policies

Approval Date: 5/31/11
Approved By: President

Policy on Approval, Collection, and Notification of Additional Class Costs


Some courses or sections of courses require students to incur costs in addition to standard tuition, fees, and textbooks. Examples of additional materials that may occasionally be required include clickers, software, videos, or pedometers. These costs may change frequently as items or services needed for a particular course change, as prices change, and as plans for courses or specific sections of courses change.

For any section or course in which additional course-related materials are required, permission to impose such costs must be approved by the department chair (or designee) and the dean of the college.

Furthermore, if additional course-related materials are required, the instructor must disclose all additional costs prior to the student enrolling in the course.

Funds collected as a result of this policy shall not be collected by the faculty member. Students shall be directed to the department office or other appropriate office to make payment. If materials or services can be procured through on-line services on an individual basis, students shall be given the necessary information to purchase and pay directly.


Notification to students: All additional costs associated with enrollment in a particular class must be clearly described in the “Additional Course Information” section of Course Search, WIU’s online course listing.

The description should not only include textbook information and required curricular materials (as required by Section 133 of the Higher Education Opportunity Act, reauthorized in August 2008) and appropriate equipment, but also all charges including but not limited to laboratory charges, material costs, software, on-line course supplements, clickers, background checks, memberships, etc.

Handling of funds collected: All funds collected for these course costs will be held in local accounts until expended on the identified materials or services.