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Approval Date: 4/29/04
Approved By: President and Faculty Senate

Students Participating in University-Sanctioned Activities

Western Illinois University values and supports the required participation of students in University- sanctioned activities. Instructors are strongly encouraged to provide such students with reasonable accommodations for completing missed exams, quizzes, and the like. The Council on Admission, Graduation, and Academic Standards (CAGAS) will determine what constitutes University-sanctioned activities. Requests by organizations for permanent and/or temporary sanctioning of educational activities will be heard by CAGAS no later than the semester prior to the event in question.

Instructors are strongly encouraged to support University-sanctioned activities, as student education happens both within and outside of the traditional classroom. However, it is also recognized that sanctioned activities should not significantly disrupt the primary educational mission of the university nor negatively impact the integrity of the classroom.

In all cases, it is the responsibility of the student to: 1) inform instructors of scheduled absences in advance; 2) where possible and as soon as possible, provide a schedule of all semester absences; and 3) arrange to complete missed classroom work within a reasonable time frame. Ultimately, students are responsible for material covered in classes missed due to sanctioned events. In the event of a disagreement between the instructor and the student regarding this policy, the student must first contact the instructor and attempt to work out a solution. If a satisfactory solution does not result after the student contacts the instructor, then an appeal may be made first to the appropriate Chair and then to the Dean. The Dean will be the final authority on matters of substance; and process issues may be further appealed to the Academic Vice President for final decision.

Examples of University Activities That Could Be Sanctioned

  • Academic/Scholarship
    • Competitions related to major (i.e. Judging Teams) or an academic department (i.e. Debate)
    • Fine Arts Performances
    • Marching and Pep Band Performances
    • Responsibilities associated with talent grants/scholarships
  • High Profile Students Serving the University's Interests
    • Area Meetings (Admissions)
    • Annual Legislative Meetings/Lobby Days
    • Board of Trustees Meetings
    • NCAA Intercollegiate Athletic Competition (10 women's and 10 men's including student athletes, student athletic trainers, student athletic managers, and cheerleaders).

Examples of University Activities That Will Not Be Sanctioned

  • Sports Clubs/Intramural events
  • Greek educationals, events, rushes
  • Course-related field trips
  • Career Fairs

Other Requests

Other requests for Sanctioned Status should be channeled through the Council on Admission, Graduation, and Academic Standards.