University Policies

Approval Date: 09/01/98
Approved By: Vice President for Administrative Services

Electrical Blackout Procedure

The following is procedure to follow relative to WIU's Physical Plant receiving notification from Amereon/Central Illinois Public Service if an "electrical blackout" would occur shortly thereafter affecting the University.

  1. A Central Illinois Public Service representative will contact Physical Plant's main receptionist at (309) 298-1834.
  2. The main receptionist will notify offices in the following order:
    1. Electrical Engineer (Ext. 255)
    2. Director (Ext. 229) (Assistant Director in Director's absence, Ext. 256)
  3. The Physical Plant Director/Assistant Director and Electrical Engineer will decide appropriate campus-wide communication. The receptionist will then notify offices in the following order:
    1. Information Management Services (298-1944) *
    2. Computer Support Services (298-1177 or 298-2325) *
    3. Physical Plant Network Server (Ext. 259) *
    4. University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) Computer Operations (298-3546 or 298-3335) *
    5. Physical Plant Director's Secretary (Ext. 230)
      The Physical Plant Director's Secretary will notify offices in the following order:
      1. Assistant Director (Ext. 256)
      2. Office of Public Safety (298-1949)
      3. Vice President of Administrative Services (298-1800)
      4. University Housing and Dining Services (298-3320)
      5. Academic Building Representatives
      6. Risk Management (298-1989)
    6. Physical Plant Work Order Control Desk
      The Work Order Control Desk will contact:
      1. Heating Plant Chief Engineer (298-1200)
      2. P.A. System Announcement to Physical Plant
      3. Physical Plant Noon Duty Supervisor (if between 12:00 and 1:00 p.m.)
      4. Building Mechanical Maintenance Chief (Ext. 243) (If during day shift) who will:
        Notify Mechanical Maintenance Staff assigned to buildings assuring emergency generators activate (via radios).
      5. Building Mechanical Maintenance Assistant (Ext. 244) if after 4:30 p.m. who will:
        Notify appropriate Duty Supervisor.

These procedures are to be reviewed with reporting employees, and are to be made available at the work station for each supervisor, clerical, and support staff to be followed immediately upon receiving notification from contact person.

* These offices need time to run shutdown procedures.