University Policies

File code: ADM.CHILD.POL
Approval Date: 02/08/10
Approved By: President

Policy on Children in the Workplace

It is the responsibility of University managers and supervisors to ensure that the work of the University is accomplished in an environment in which disruptions by children and visitors, including other family members, are minimized. The University endeavors to create a positive working environment for all employees.

It is inappropriate to allow extended workplace visits by children, often accompanied by a lack of regard for the safety of unattended children, and creating a disruption of workflow and work activities. Children exhibiting symptoms of potentially contagious illnesses should not be brought into the workplace. Also, the frequent recurring or extended presence of children or visitors while employees are conducting University business is prohibited. WIU does not permit employees to bring children on University premises in lieu of childcare arrangements. Furthermore, it is unacceptable for employees to ask fellow employees to provide childcare in the workplace. Children and visitors who exhibit symptoms of potentially contagious illnesses should not be allowed in the workplace.

Board of Trustees regulations and collective bargaining agreements contain provisions that allow employees to use earned leave time for the purpose of caring for family members.

The University does not accept liability for injuries to children or visitors on University premises in violation of this policy. This policy is not intended to prohibit children and visitors from attending cultural or sporting events or from using other facilities for authorized activities.