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Approval Date: 2/14/07
Approved By: President

Enforced Prerequisite Procedure

For course-specific prerequisites only (including minimum grade requirements):

1. When departments build the class schedule they will have an option to enforce the prerequisite.

2. When students register for a course with an enforced prerequisite there will be a symbol on STARS, similar to the current *, to identify the course as having the prerequisites enforced.

3. Five working days before the start of each term (Friday evening), the Office of the Registrar will send an email notification to students that do not meet the enforced prerequisite requirement indicating that they will be dropped from the course. A report will also be distributed to the departments.

4. Departments will have the capability to enter a special permission to prevent the student from being automatically dropped.

5. The Friday evening before the start of each term, students who have not met the enforced prerequisite requirement will be deleted. Courses with enforced prerequisites will be switched to special permission required to enroll. This will allow departments to monitor any additional registrations.