University Policies

File code: ADM.ATM.PRO
Approval Date: 06/05/05
Approved By: President

Policy on Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Procedures

  1. The standardized contract format and procedure shall be utilized for ATMs. The bank/credit union must pay a commission rate of $250.00/month for 8 months of a calendar year plus a per transaction charge for placement of an ATM on the Western Illinois University campus. The per transaction charges are as follows:
    1. $.10 per transaction for under 1500 transactions/month
    2. $.15 per transaction for 1,501-4,000 transactions/month
    3. $.20 per transaction for 4,001 and more transactions/month
  2. The bank/credit union is not required to pay a transaction fee for ATM usage by its customers or for inquiry-only transactions. Transaction charges will be assessed only when money is withdrawn from the ATM.
  3. Placement of ATMs will be restricted to Macomb or Quad Cities banks (dependent on which campus the ATM is located) and any Western Illinois University-affiliated credit unions.
  4. Any interested bank or credit union should request a machine location through the Director of Purchases. The University has developed a list of approved sites for placement of ATMs. If a bank or credit union has a location in mind that is not on the list, the University will review the request, either approve/disapprove the location, or suggest an alternative location. The University will disapprove sites where adequate ATM services already exist.
  5. The bank/credit union retains sole right to a location until yielded by the bank/credit union or the location is deemed unacceptable to the University.
  6. All costs associated with placement of the equipment, except the electrical power supply, is to be paid by the bank/credit union. Costs include data/telephone line transmission, security devices, signs, and any other expenses involved in the placement and operation of the equipment. Any remodeling required for the bank/credit union to place the machine at a designated location must be approved by the University in advance and coordinated through the Physical Plant. All equipment installed by provider will remain the property of the provider. The University will not be responsible for any damages to the equipment.
  7. Revenue from ATM machines are distributed as follows:
    1. Administrative and Academic Buildings: Income Fund
    2. University Union: Union
    3. Student Recreation Center: Student Recreation Center
    4. Residence Halls: Residence Halls
    5. Golf Course: Golf Course
    6. Roadways, drives, and parking lots: Parking Services
  8. The selection and award of the right to install and operate an Automatic Teller Machine on the University property shall be in accordance with the Illinois Procurement Code and the Higher Education Procurement Rules.