University Policies

Approval Date: 03/11/82
Revised Date: 12/26/2020
Approved By: President and Faculty Senate

Incomplete Grade Policy

  1. A temporary symbol of I (Incomplete) for a course may be given only when the student, due to circumstances beyond his/her control, has been unable to complete the course requirements within the official limits of the term. The failure to complete an assignment or to take the final examination, unless illness or other emergency is the cause, does not justify the recording of an Incomplete. The extenuating circumstances must be documented to the faculty member's satisfaction. Incompletes may also be given when the grade is left blank by the faculty member at the final grade deadline, or for an Academic Integrity violation charge when an appeal is pending.
  2. It is the responsibility of the student to develop a plan, in collaboration with the faculty member, to satisfactorily complete the course requirements in a timely manner. Students and faculty members are encouraged to use the optional Request for an Incomplete form to document expectations for successful completion of remaining course requirements. The Incomplete must be replaced with a grade by the end of the ninth week of the next semester in which the student is enrolled. If the student is not enrolled during the next two semesters, the Incomplete must be replaced with a permanent grade no later than one calendar year of the Incomplete being assigned. Grade change requests are to be initiated by the faculty member (see Grades and Class Attendance Policy). If the Incomplete is not replaced by these deadlines, it will automatically become an F. For S/U grade courses, the Incomplete will become a U. In the event that the faculty member is no longer employed by the university before the student completes the course requirements (within the time allotted to the student), the student’s work will be evaluated by the department chair or another faculty member agreed upon by the student and chair, and with the concurrence of the new faculty member.
  3. Good academic standing and normal progress status will be determined at the official end of the term, when the grades are recorded on the transcripts. An Incomplete cannot be considered in these determinations since neither honor points nor hours of credit have been earned.
  4. When the Incomplete is replaced by a permanent grade, that grade will be used to determine the student’s academic status and progress toward the degree. Any change in the student’s academic status resulting from the assignment of the permanent grade become effective at the time of the change from the Incomplete to the grade. Academic suspensions and dismissals are only determined when final grades for the term are processed.