University Policies

Approval Date: 5/8/12
Approved By: President

Policy Prohibiting the Feeding/Care/Sheltering of Feral/Wild Animals

Individuals are prohibited from leaving shelter and food or water on any campus grounds and in any campus buildings (e.g. building vestibules) for the purpose of sheltering and feeding animals. The practice of leaving shelters and food outdoors has the potential to attract wild (e.g. skunks, rats and raccoons) and other feral animals, which in turn creates the health risk. Any food and/or shelter found outside on campus grounds, or in building vestibules, stairwells, etc., will be promptly removed and disposed of. The person(s) identified as sheltering and/or feeding the animals on campus property will be subject to disciplinary action.

Individuals may not enter Western's agriculture research laboratory/farms for the specific intent of feeding or caring for feral animals.

Furthermore, Physical Plant administration will arrange for professional animal control personnel to remove feral/wild animals from the grounds, as necessary.

All members of the campus community and members of the general public are required to comply with all aspects of this policy and are responsible for reporting incidents of non-compliance.