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Approval Date: 08/27/12
Approved By: President

Policy on Use of Licensed Vendors for Reproduction of Items with WIU Logos

To protect the integrity of the Western Illinois University brand, all vendors who apply a Western Illinois University trademark (logos: belltower, Western Illinois sweep, Rocky logo, and/or word marks: Western Illinois University, Leathernecks, WIU) must be a registered licensee through the University’s trademark licensing partner, Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP).  Any product bearing the marks (logo, words, symbol, design, or any combination thereof) of Western Illinois University must be licensed.

For-profit and non-resale items distributed to promote the institution must be produced by a licensed vendor. In addition, product concept, artwork, logos, and word marks must be approved prior to production.

To become a licensed vendor, call 298-1861 or email Complete licensing requirements, including the trademark licensing form, can be found at

Approval for the use of WIU trademarks will not be granted to vendors not licensed through LLP. Permission for logo, trademark, and wordmark usage, is administered and granted through University Marketing.