University Policies

Approval Date: 08/21/89
Approved By: Provost & Academic Vice President

Policy on Outside Consulting and Research Activities

In compliance with the requirements of Illinois Revised Statutes 1981, Chapter 144, paragraph 216, the following procedures are to be followed by full-time faculty logging in outside research or consulting:

  1. Prior written approval to undertake outside research or consulting must be obtained from the Dean of the appropriate College, acting as the designee of the President. Annual reports on approved outside research and consulting must be submitted by mid-September to the Deans' Offices.
  2. Any approval is contingent upon the requirement that all the professional obligations of the faculty member to the University must in no way be compromised through the undertaking of the consulting activities. This statement is indicated in writing by the office of the appropriate Dean at the time the approval is given.
  3. Further, the faculty member is informed that under the provisions of Illinois Revised Statute 1981, Chapter 144, paragraph 216, he/she must report the total amount of time that he/she spends in the particular consulting activities between the time of approval and the end of the fiscal year of June 30. The faculty member is further informed that the law does not require any reporting of any monetary compensation for the consulting or research activities approved by the University.
  4. All appeals given by the appropriate Dean under Illinois Revised Statute 1981, Chapter 144, paragraph 216 are filed in the Office of the Dean, and faculty members who have received approval will be reminded of the reporting obligations under the law at the close of the fiscal year.