University Policies

Approval Date: 10/10/97
Approved By: President's Staff

University Fundraising and Gift Guidelines

The following guidelines are meant to give broad direction to the University concerning designated institutional fundraising activities, exclusive of grants/contracts processed by the WIU Sponsored Projects. Additionally, these guidelines will provide assurance of coordinated and successful fundraising programs.

Fundraising Policies:

  1. All fundraising proposals must be coordinated with the WIU Foundation and Development Office, Sherman Hall 308. In order to avoid an excessive number of solicitations in the name of WIU, it shall be the responsibility of the Foundation and Development Office to serve as the coordinating agency for all types of fundraising programs and for all solicitations of funds from private individuals, foundations, businesses, corporations, and organizations. Any written request to undertake a fundraising program or to solicit contributions from individuals, private foundations, businesses, corporations, and organizations must first be reviewed through regular channels by the appropriate department head and Dean and then forwarded to the Foundation office for approval.
  2. Whenever possible, those interested in pursuing outside funding from nonpublic sources should have initiated the dialogue prior to April 1 of the year preceding the project.
  3. All proposals to Wesley United Methodist Church's Fellheimer Trust must be sent to the Office for Advancement and Public Services for processing. University proposals are not to be sent directly to the Fellheimer Trust Committee.

Gifts to the University and the WIU Foundation:

  1. All private donations in support of WIU's programs are channeled through the WIU Foundation. The WIU Foundation's resources are directed into student, faculty development, research, and special projects not funded by student fees or state appropriations. All contributions are acknowledged by the WIU Foundation and Development Office. Contributors may designate where they want the foundation to use their gift.
  2. In the case of contributions to the foundation which would involve a significant commitment of University resources for the operation, maintenance, and/or administration of the contribution if used by the University, a written proposal shall be submitted by the foundation to the University's governing board for approval prior to any agreement to use. The proposal shall indicate the nature and extent to the involvement of the board and the University.
  3. It is not unusual for colleges, departments, or other units of the University to receive contributed services, materials, and/or equipment. Such donations are typically eligible for gift-in-kind acknowledgment and, if appropriate, additional recognition by the WIU Foundation. Public recognition can be an effective inducement for further giving, but it will be made only with donor approval. Though the WIU Foundation itself cannot place specific dollar values on in-kind contributions, it is often able to provide guidance to donors and recipients on how such values can be properly ascertained. This information may affect tax consideration for donors. Accordingly, and because in-kind gifts are a credit to all concerned and can encourage additional contributions, the Foundation requests notification when gifts in-kind are contemplated or made.