University Policies

Approval Date: 9/13/2010
Approved By: President

Use of Foundation/Alumni Database Policy

Western Illinois University is committed to ensuring the integrity, accuracy and privacy of the Foundation/Alumni (FAL) database which includes official information pertaining to alumni and friends of and donors to Western Illinois University. The University has centralized the management of and responsibility for this database with the Alumni Relations staff to ensure there is a single source of accurate information, to maintain the integrity of the information and to protect the privacy of the individuals whose personal information is included in the database. It is the responsibility of the WIU Alumni Relations staff to control the management, dissemination and appropriate use of the records included in this database. The database is updated daily by Alumni staff.

The University allows campus departments to utilize the database as provided in the Administrative Procedures Handbook. It is not allowable for database information to be downloaded or modified by departmental personnel except as allowed in the procedures. It is also not allowable for departmental personnel to utilize outdated information that may have been retained by the department. At no time should any alumni, friends, or donor information be maintained or used unless in the expressed manner or purpose of this policy and the established procedures.