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Approval Date: 10/3/07
Effective 10/3/07
Approved By: President

Web Accessibility Policy


Western Illinois University utilizes technology, including the World Wide Web, to enhance the educational experience and to communicate University information; therefore, we are committed to ensuring that information and resources provided via the official University web presence are accessible to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.


An accessible web presence provides information and/or services for a variety of users with minimal differences between delivered content. The University’s web presence includes web applications, web interfaces, and other resources delivered via the web.

The Web Accessibility Committee identifies priority websites based upon use, those which provide core institutional functions, and those deemed as critical-need websites. Therefore, priority websites include:

  1. University websites which are critical points of access to users of University resources such as Admissions, Financial Aid, Disability Support Services, and
  2. other high traffic University websites.


In order to meet this accessibility commitment, University web pages as well as associated web-based services developed by or for a College, Department, program, course, or unit of the University must comply with the University’s Web Accessibility Policy.


All priority websites, as well as new or redesigned websites, must meet or exceed current Illinois Web Accessibility Standards (IWAS),

Those who are responsible for the identified priority websites must develop implementation plans for ensuring accessibility of these websites, and if requested by a user, provide website information in an alternative format in a timely manner until the identified website meets accessibility guidelines.

All websites not identified as a priority by the Web Accessibility Committee must include contact information for an individual who can provide requested information in an alternative format in a timely manner. Those responsible for such websites must create and attempt to adhere to a reasonable timeline to bring these websites into compliance.


The Web Accessibility Committee will establish evaluation and reporting guidelines for determining compliance with this policy. The Office of Equal Opportunity and Access will stay abreast of changes in accessibility standards and, in conjunction with the Web Accessibility Committee, will review and revise this policy as necessary.

Committee Members

The current list of committee members can be found at the Web Accessibility Committee's official website.