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Illinois Paid Leave Policy

Approved By: President
Effective Date: April 1, 2024


In compliance with the Illinois Paid Leave for All Workers Act, 820 ILCS 192, effective January 1, 2024, Western Illinois University will offer a minimum of 40 hours paid leave during each 12-month period to all eligible employees.

The paid leave may be used by the employee for any purpose as long as the paid leave is taken in accordance with the provisions of the Act.


The goal of this leave time, which is offered in addition to other benefit time employees may receive, is to provide eligible employees with additional benefit time for circumstances that require them to be away from the workplace.

Employees and supervisors of employees should make themselves familiar with this policy.


  • Illinois Paid Leave is leave provided to eligible employees under the Illinois Paid Leave for All Workers Act.
  • Employees eligible for leave under the Act are full- or part-time administrative professional (continuous and non-continuous); civil service employees, including extra help; non-tenure track faculty; and tenure/tenure-track faculty. Employees ineligible for leave under the Act are student employees (including graduate assistants) and short-term employees who have been employed for less than two consecutive calendar quarters who do not have a reasonable expectation of being rehired for the same job in the next calendar year.
  • The 12-month period, or calendar year, for the purposes of this policy is defined as January 1 to December 31 yearly.


  1. Each full-time eligible employee is entitled to 40 hours of paid leave per calendar year, front loaded at the beginning of each calendar year, specifically for the purpose of complying with the Illinois Paid Leave for All Workers Act. Regular part-time eligible employees will receive a prorated amount based on their scheduled hours.
  2. Each eligible part-time temporary employee (those generally hired on limited term assignments) will receive a prorated amount based on their percentage of appointment.
  3. Each eligible part-time instructor will receive an amount based on 2.25 work hours for 1 credit hour (e.g., 3 credit hours taught= 6.75 hours of work per week x 16 weeks= 108 semester hours/40 = 2.7 hours of paid leave per semester).
  4. Newly hired employees will have a 90-day waiting period before using Illinois Paid Leave.
  5. Employees may use the time for any reason of their choosing in increments of at least two hours. Where foreseeable, employees should provide their supervisor with at least seven calendar days' notice. Otherwise, the leave request should be made as soon as possible through ordinary department call-in or notice procedures and designate the time as Illinois Paid Leave hours.
  6. Illinois Paid Leave will be allocated on a per-employee basis only, regardless of the number of positions an employee holds during a fiscal year with the University. Employees who transfer or promote to a different position within the University will carry their balance with them, provided they are transferring to a position that is eligible for the time under the Act.
  7. Illinois Paid Leave hours may only be requested for use on days when the employee was scheduled to work.
  8. An employee cannot be required to produce any documentation or give a reason to justify the need for leave. Departments should approve Illinois Paid Leave time requests to the greatest extent possible. However, the use of Illinois Paid Leave time is subject to operational necessity and may be denied if the absence creates a situation where minimum staffing requirements cannot be met. Examples of operational necessity include, but are not limited to, situations where operational safety requires a certain number of employees to be working during a shift or event-specific operations requiring a specific level of staffing (e.g., move-in or commencement).
  9. Any unused Illinois Paid Leave hours at the end of each calendar year are not carried over. Unused hours are not paid at the time of separation from employment.
  10. If an employee is rehired within 12 months of separation, they will not be allocated a new balance of Illinois Paid Leave, but rather their Illinois Paid Leave balance at the time of separation will be restored upon the employee's rehire date.
  11. Failure to comply with the procedures outlined in this policy may result in the denial of benefit usage and disciplinary action.


An employee should request the use of Illinois Paid Leave time in accordance with current department procedures for requesting benefit time, within the stipulations of the policy.

RESPONSIBILITIES (Implementation and Enforcement)

Office of Human Resources


  • 820 ILCS 192/Paid Leave for All Workers Act.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Where will I check my balance for Illinois Paid leave hours?
    Employees will find their balance in WIUP or the same place where other benefit time hours, such as vacation and sick leave, are listed.
  2. Will other benefit time made available to me (e.g., vacation, sick, or compensatory time) be reduced upon the receipt of the hours required under the Act?
    No. Hours provided under the Act are a new and entirely separate bank of time for eligible employees to utilize and are called Illinois Paid Leave hours on the employee's time card.
  3. Will Illinois Paid leave time absences be included in performance evaluations or disciplinary actions?
    No. Absences taken as Illinois Paid Leave time will not be considered for performance evaluations, unscheduled absence/hours tracking, or disciplinary actions as long as proper notification procedures were followed and the absence was designated as Illinois Paid Leave time at the time of the request.