University Policies

Identification Card Policy

Approval Date: 6/20/2016
Approved By: President

Western Illinois University is committed to the safety of all students, staff and visitors to the university. To facilitate accountability and security, WIU will require all personnel, students and visitors to have proper University issued identification.

  1. WIU issued Identification (ID) cards are the property of Western Illinois University. A university ID card should be carried at all times and presented upon request to any University Official.
  2. WIU ID cards are NON-TRANSFERABLE. Lending this card to anyone or failing to present it upon request is a violation of University policy and subjects the holder to disciplinary action.
  3. If an ID card is found, please return to the following address. Return postage is guaranteed.
    1. Western Illinois University-Macomb, Seal Hall, 1 University Circle, Macomb, IL 61455.
    2. Western Illinois University-Quad Cities, 3300 River Drive, Moline, IL 61265
  4. Identification Requirements
    1. Students
      A photo is required for student ID cards. This ID identifies the student as currently enrolled, with privileges to various services and privileges at the University. Students will use their ID card for meals in the residence halls and at other dining venues. The ID card allows students who are eligible to use the University Library, campus computer labs, the Student Recreation Center, attend WIU athletic events and a host of other services. All students should carry their ID with them at all times while at the University.
    2. Faculty, administrators, staff and other employees
      To facilitate accountability and security, WIU will require all faculty, administrators, and staff to have and carry a WIU photo ID. Temporary employees and others having a business or work related presence or purpose at Western Illinois University or a WIU facility (Kibbe Life Sciences, Horn Field Campus) will be required to possess, carry and produce appropriate identification and a WIU ID Card.
    3. Non University Contractors
      1. Non University employees who serve the University as construction contractors are also required to have identification. Construction Contractors having a business or work related presence or purpose on a Western Illinois University campus (Macomb or Quad Cities) or facility (Kibbe Life Sciences, Horn Field Campus) will be required to possess, carry and produce appropriate identification and a WIU ID Card.
      2. Construction Contractors may be issued one of two types of IDs which will be consistent with their work or relationship to Western Illinois University. Depending on the location and duration of the work being performed these badges will either be of an Unsecured (Short-term) or Secured (Long-term) designation, which will be determined by Facilities Management and/or the WIU department having jurisdiction. Contractors will not be allowed to access keys from the Office of Public Safety or Riverfront Hall 108A to enter any WIU building until badges are obtained.
        1. Contractor A
          Unsecured/Short - Term Contractor Badge only – no photo, no Magnetic strip, no Proximity, no Bar Code, no Expiration date displayed.
          Badge will read CONTRACTOR and a number assigned to a specific individual. Example – CONTRACTOR – #1.
        2. Contractor B
          Secured/Long -Term Photo ID Badge – has a photo, Magnetic strip, Proximity, Bar Code, Display of Expiration Date can all be visible. Badge will have a photograph of the individual working in the secured area, as well as his or her name, and the name of the contractor he or she is working for.
          Example – CONTRACTOR - COMPANY NAME
      3. The Unsecured/Short – Term contractor will be required to provide Facilities Management with a list of workers, and their respective numbers. Facilities Management will then provide the contractors with the badges for distribution.
      4. Secured/Long-term ID Badges and photos can be obtained at Seal Hall from University Housing and Dinning (UHDS) as long as UHDS has been provided a Badge/ID Request Form with the appropriate information for each employee from Facilities Management.
  5. New IDs and Badges
    WIU Student ID Cards will only be issued to individuals that present another form of valid legal identification that includes a picture. These forms would include:
    1. US Passport
    2. Foreign Passport
    3. State Identification
      1. Driver’s License
      2. Official State ID
    4. Federal Identification
      1. Military ID
      2. INS I-551 Resident Alien Card
    5. Canada Provinces
      1. Driver’s license
      2. Learner permit
      3. Official Province ID
    6. Matricula Counselate
      1. ID issued by Mexican Counselate
      2. Acceptable ID under Illinois law
  6. Replacement IDs and Badges
    1. ID cards should not be placed in direct contact with a magnet or magnetic field (e.g., stereo, TV, clock radio, or refrigerator). The strip on the back is magnetically encoded and will be erased if it comes in contact with a magnet.
    2. If an individual needs to replace their ID because it is worn, damaged, lost or stolen, the following will be required:
      1. Worn or damaged
        1. Individual must turn in their old ID. An updated photo will be taken.
        2. Other forms of legal identification may be asked for if the individual does not look like current photo in ID system.
        3. If old ID is two years or older and needs to be replaced because of wear and tear, a new ID will be issued free of charge.
      2. Lost ID or newly damaged ID
        1. In order to avoid any losses, an ID should be immediately deactivated when lost. This can be done by going through STARS or by calling UHDS at 309-298-3000. The report of a lost card means the account is deactivated and will remain invalid until the card is reported found or replaced.
        2. If an ID needs to be preplaced because of wear and tear and the ID is less than two years old, a charge will be assessed using charge assessment structure below.
        3. If the old ID is not turned in at time of replacement, a charge will be assessed using the assessment structure below.
        4. There is no charge for reactivating a lost card if it is found before a replacement ID has been issued.
        5. If a replacement card is issued and a previous card is found, the replacement card will remain the active ID and the other card should be destroyed. UHDS will not activate any old IDs after a new one has been issued.
        6. Per Union Agreement, all Facility Management employees will be issued a new badge (not a University ID card) once per year at no charge.
        7. Employees must present their old badge at the time of replacement for no charge to be administered.
  7. Ending Employment and Student Status
    1. Students
      Once an individual is no longer considered an enrolled student at Western Illinois University, it is the student’s responsibility to discontinue the use of their student ID card. This includes not using the card to gain admission for programs and events on campus, such as athletic contests, concerts, speakers, etc… where admission is waived for enrolled students. Using a student ID for the purpose of showing alumni status or for use at the University Libraries is permissible.
    2. Faculty, administrators, staff and others
      To facilitate accountability and security, WIU will require all faculty, administrators, and staff to destroy or return their WIU issued ID card or badge to the university at the time of leaving employment, termination, retirement, etc…
    3. Contractors
      At the completion of the work being performed the contractors will be required to return all badges, which will remain the property of WIU. Final applications for payment will be withheld until such time as all badges have been returned. Any lost or damaged badges will be subject to the most recent UHDS ID replacement fee schedule. A fee of $25 will be deducted from the contractor’s final application for payment for every badge not returned to WIU.