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Approval Date: 08/10/95
Approved By: President's Staff

Policy on Naming University Facilities and Activities

Western Illinois University is amenable to requests to recognize individuals or families by naming a portion of the University in honor or memory of them. Potential recognition may include, but not be limited to, buildings or floors; wings and rooms of buildings; fields, parks, or other areas; and lectures, performances, or speaker events.

These facilities or activities may be named for notable former employees of the University, distinguished former members of the Board of Trustees, donors of substantial funds, or public persons of the state, nation, or any country.

The following restrictions will apply:

  1. Persons holding elective or appointive office in national, state, or local government may not be nominated during the term of office of employment.
  2. Current members or employees of any governing board, including the Illinois Board of Higher Education, in the state are not eligible.
  3. Employees in education at any level and in any state are not eligible.

The procedure for recommendations to honor any individual or family will be as follows:

  1. All recommendations shall be made to or forwarded to the Awards and Recognition Committee. The Committee will review all recommendations received and make an annual report to the President in the spring term of each year.
  2. The recommendation must include a detailed explanation of the lasting contributions the individual has made to the enrichment of higher education in general and, if any, to Western Illinois University in particular.
  3. The President shall make recommendations to the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, who shall make recommendations to the Board of Trustees, regarding the naming of Board property.
  4. The Board of Trustees must approve the naming of all facilities at the University.
  5. At any level, there is discretion to change the recommendation to a different building, complex, floor, area, or activity without seeking approval from persons making original recommendations. The only exception is a recommendation to honor a major donor which will require consultation with the nominator, person being honored, or appropriate relatives before a change is made.
  6. No public announcement will be made at any level without written permission from the person, or if deceased, of the nearest relative.