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Approval Date: 01/23/01
Approved By: President

Policy on Providing Student/Staff Labels and Lists


To ensure that all materials leaving the University with WIU-produced labels or mailing lists comply with federal, state, Board of Trustees, and other University policies.

Types of Users:

  1. Official Internal:
    Those entities staffed by employees paid from funds administered by the University who are performing their necessary and proper functions.
  2. WIU Sponsored and Affiliated Groups:
    Those entities recognized by the University such as approved student groups, Leatherneck Club, etc.
  3. Approved Outside Groups:
    Those entities which have specific approval by the Vice President for Administrative Services. They include elected State of Illinois public officials running for election, regular recruiters offering employment or internships to WIU students, etc.

Information Management Services at its discretion may deny the services to groups otherwise eligible who have not paid previous charges.


  1. A copy of the material to be sent together with the purpose of the mailing must accompany the request.
  2. Requests for other than directory-type information (names and addresses) must be approved in advance by the Provost and Academic Vice President or designee.
  3. Continuing requests where the purpose does not change need be approved only once. Example: Selecting names for an Honors List request by a Dean's office.
  4. All printing will be done on stock forms (one-part wide 14 7/8" x 11") or on 2-up labels.
  5. All users will be charged for the labels and other special forms. Postage will be added to all materials mailed off campus.
  6. Any request which cannot be satisfied by previously developed label and list producing programs will be denied.
  7. The information is not to be data based for future uses including, but not limited to, the production of mass mailings.
  8. Violation of any of these policies or non-payment of charges may result in suspension of services or removal from the approved list.