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Approval Date: 03/11/82
Approved By: President and Faculty Senate

Policy on Incomplete for a Course and its Relation to Good Academic Standing and Normal Progress Toward a Baccalaureate Degree

  1. An Incomplete for a course may be given only when the student, due to circumstances beyond his/her control, has been unable to complete the course requirements within the official limits of the term. The mere failure to complete an assignment or to take the final examination, unless illness or other emergency is the cause, does not justify the recording of an Incomplete. The circumstances involved must be documented to the instructor's satisfaction.
  2. Good academic standing and normal progress status will be determined at the official end of the term, when the grades are recorded on the transcripts. An Incomplete cannot be considered in these determinations since neither honor points nor hours of credit have been earned.
  3. When the Incomplete is replaced by a grade, the grade will be used to determine whether the student is in good academic standing and making normal progress toward a baccalaureate degree. If there is a resultant change in status in either category, the change becomes effective at the time the grade is recorded on the transcript.
  4. All requests for a change of grade, including those from an Incomplete to a grade, must be approved by CAGAS or its designated representative.