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Approval Date: 2/23/2009
Approved By: President

Wireless Policy

Wireless access points or devices with wireless capability are allowed in one of three fashions.

  1. Restricted non-secure wireless access to Internet (no university network access)
  2. Secure wireless access to the university network and the Internet
  3. A secure non SSID broadcasting wireless network will be supported for areas that take credit cards as payment and must have access to wireless.

The OPS isolated wireless LAN is a noted exemption to this policy.

Additional guidelines on wireless:

  1. Use the strongest supportable authentication available.
  2. Use the strongest supportable encryption available. WEP is not acceptable encryption.
  3. Must be installed, supported, and maintained by University Technology (uTech). Rogue Access Points (APs) and other wireless devices violate university policy.
  4. Maintain a hardware address (MAC address) that can be registered and tracked.
  5. Wireless clients that cannot support these security requirements will only be allowed limited access to the internet.
  6. Any area that takes credit cards as payment for products or services must ensure that wireless is not used within their area or must use a University Technology (uTech) supported secure wireless network that does not broadcast its SSID. Areas will be required to demonstrate a need for wireless networking.
  7. ResNet wireless will conform to university wireless options #1 and #2. Rogue Access Points (APs) are not allowed.