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High school students can take a class for under $300!

High School students can take a class for under $300!

Western Illinois University is offering high school seniors an opportunity to complete Western classes prior to graduation from high school. Participating students will receive an automatic scholarship and can benefit from Western's unique Cost Guarantee program that locks in tuition, fee, room, and meal plan rates for four years if the student decides to attend WIU after high school.
*room and meal plan for Macomb campus only

High school seniors who choose to enroll in Western courses will receive an automatic scholarship that covers two-thirds of their per credit hour tuition cost. For example, students enrolled in a three-credit hour course would normally expect to pay $854.10 in tuition costs. With the automatic scholarship, students would pay $284.70 and receive a scholarship to cover the remaining $569.40 in tuition costs.

Students will need to complete an online application and will need to send a letter of support from their guidance counselor or principal, an official high school transcript and ACT/SAT scores for review.


Due to a generous grant from the Moline Foundation WIU is offering FREE Agricultural classes for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019. The first class this Fall will be a Horticulture course. The Ag courses are the only courses included in this free program and registration requirements are the same for all of our dual enrollment courses. These courses are currently only available to qualifying high school students.

Contact Information

Please contact Kassie Daly, Associate Director of Admissions or the WIU-QC Admissions office with questions regarding admission as a high school student. Kassie can be contacted via email at KJ-Daly@wiu.edu or by the Admissions phone line at 309-762-1495.

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