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Adult LearningL.I.F.E. (Learning Is ForEver) is an organization dedicated to providing high-quality, low-cost, and enjoyable adult-education experiences. The Macomb L.I.F.E. program is affiliated with the national organization, Road Scholar: Elderhostel Institute Network (EIN). It is independently administered by area residents who develop the courses, select the teachers, establish the fees, and promote the curriculum.







Spring 2017 Course Offerings & Enrollments (Current - as of Apr. 20/Maximum)

The Arts

A Play’s The Thing (12/25-Over)

Armchair Traveler (29/30)

Looking at Artwork (15/15-Over)

Rock ‘n Roll Goes to the Movies! (33/40-Over)

Vienna: Musical Crossroads (15/25-over)


A Path to Balance (20/20-Full) Waitlist: 11

Opioid Use and Abuse (7/25-Over)

The Scoop on Sugar (11/20-Over)


 Historic Barns of McDonough County (30/30-Full)

Managing Victory and Defeat: The US occupation of Japan and the Tokyo Military Tribunal 1945-52 (15/25-Over)

Reformation 500: Martin Luther and His Historical Movement (49/50-Over)

The Legacy of Barack Obama’s Presidency (22/40-over)

The Unification of Italy 1931-1970 (18/24)


Introduction to Pickleball (15/15[Macomb], 6/8[Bushnell]-Over)

On Looking 4 - Taking place on rain date of Apr. 27 (15/15-Full)

Top Down Knitting Class (7/10-Over)

Turkish Cooking (10/10- Full-Over) Waitlist: 4


 A Philosophical Biologist (22/22-Full-Over)

Goodnight Moon to Graphic Novels: Connecting to Children through Literature (5/20-Over)

Newspapers in the Internet Era (9-12-Over)

Read to Succeed (4/40)

Reading and Writing Memoirs (15/15-Full) Waitlist: 1

The Book Class (20/20-Full-Over)


Birding (12/15)

How to attract Beneficial Insects to your Garden (12/30)

Introduction to Astronomy (15/25-Over)

Self-Help and Education

Elder Abuse and Neglect (8/30)

Fighting Crime for Our Seniors (16/30)

Genealogy 101 (10/10-Full) Waitlist: 12

PowerPoint for Beginners: Creating a Basic Digital Presentation (7/20-Over)

Preparing for Health Emergencies (20/25-Over)

The Moon (15/25-Over)

Understanding the Supreme Court (11/30-Over)

Where am I?, and What Time is it? (4/25-Over)











Office of Study Abroad & Outreach Home 


The LIFE organization is grateful to our sponsor, Western Illinois University's Study Abroad and Outreach Office, and the following community partners who are also committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities for area residents:

  • First Christian Church
  • First Presbyterian Church 
  • Free Range Yoga & Community Wellness Center 
  • Lincoln Elementary School
  • Macomb Hy-Vee
  • Macomb City Hall
  • Macomb Public Library
  • McDonough County Genealogical Society
  • McDonough Disctrict Hospital
  • Spoon River College Community Outreach Center
  • Trinity Lutheran Church
  • Wesley United Methodist Church
  • West Central Illinois Arts Center
  • Western Illinois Museum
  • Western Illinois University
  • YMCA Bushnell
  • YMCA Macomb


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