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L.I.F.E. (Learning Is ForEver) is an organization dedicated to providing high-quality, low-cost, and enjoyable adult-education experiences. The Macomb L.I.F.E. program is affiliated with the national organization,  Road Scholar: Elderhostel Institute Network (EIN) . It is independently administered by area residents who develop the courses, select the teachers, establish the fees, and promote the curriculum. 


Due to a change in policy, PayPal will no longer be refunding the transaction fee when course registration fees are refunded due to canellations. However, depending on who makes the cancellation, there will be instances in which the transaction fee will be refunded. When a course is cancelled by the LIFE Organization or Instructor, the PayPal Transaction Fee will be refunded. When a course is cancelled by the LIFE Registrant, even if the cancellation comes within the 30 Day current cancellation policy deadline, the PayPal Transaction Fee will not be refunded. 





Spring 2020 Course Offerings 


Cooking With Harold 

Wheel Throwing Basics 

Connecting With Social Media 



(As of 1/22)

Note: Current/Maximum, WL= Waitlist, Text=Course is over 

Achy, Breaky Back (21/35)

American Nature Writing: The Living Earth as Spiritual Experience (7/15)

Armchair Traveler (35/50)

Basic Home Maintenance and Home Improvement (10/20)

Behind the Scenes: A Look at Projection (14/50)

The Best Concert Films, Ever! (Part I) (20/40)

The Book Class (6/20)

Calling All Knitters (3/15)

Common Foot Conditions in Active Adults (24/35)

Connecting with Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (FULL 20/20 Closed)

Cooking With Harold (FULL 13/13 Closed)

Dementia Q and A (6/25)

Exploring Headwater Streams in Western Illinois (7/14)

Fall Prevention and Balance: How Can I Stay on My Feet? (17/35)

Forgotten Founders (28/50)

Forgotten Gospels and the Lost Way (10/20)

Impeachment and the Presidency (30/75)

Issues and Debates in the History of Medicine and Public Health (6/20)

Kayaking Tour of Lake Argyle (4/10)

Marvelous Monikers (6/20)

Nature Hike at Spring Lake (8/20)

The “New Old Age” on Film (16/22)

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition: Iberian Jews and Religious Persecution (16/20)

On looking 7 (10/15)

Pella Tour (18/20)

Preparing Your Home for Sale in a Challenging Market (17/25)

Public Radio 101 - Past, Present and Future Public Radio (12/50)

Safeguarding Yourself in Your Home and Online (24/25)

Shift Hits the Fan: Changes in Newspapers, Press Ownership, and the Web (19/25)

Spring Wildflowers at Argyle Lake State Park (7/15)

Tour of Historic Sherman Hall (13/25)

Tour of the Tulip Festival in Pella, Iowa (14/35)

Truman: The Man and His Career (17/24)

Twenty-One Lessons for the 21st Century (6/20)

U.S. Military History 1607-1865 (8/20)

Walking without Aches and Pains (33/35)

What to Look and Listen for in Visual Art and Music (6/20)

Wheel Throwing Basics: Make a Bowl! (FULL 8/8 Closed)

Yoga for Strength Plus Self-Care (13/20)





The LIFE organization is grateful to our sponsor, Western Illinois University's Study Abroad and Outreach Office, and the following community partners who are also committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities for area residents:

First Christian Church

Free Range Yoga
Lake Argyle State Park
Macomb Park District
McDonough District Hospital
Rialto Cinemas
SRC Outreach Center
Spring Lake Park
Trinity Lutheran Church
Tri States Public Radio
Wesley United Methodist Church
Western Illinois Museum
Western Illinois University