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Fontina Stuffed Burger and Potato Wedges
Fontina Stuffed Burger & Potato Wedges
All Dining Centers
Dinner | Grill Station

In Anne’s reboot of the classic patty melt, she tucks fontina cheese between two beef patties, grills it, then adds even more cheese. The juicy burger sits on a rustic ciabatta bun piled high with crisp bacon, grilled onions, roasted Portobello mushrooms and peppery baby arugula. A side of Yukon gold potato wedges is the perfect pairing.


Steak Omelet and Potatoes
Sriracha Steak Omelet & Roasted Potatoes
Corbin-Olson & Thompson Dining Centers
Breakfast | Classics Station

This omelet engulfs Sriracha marinated Philly Beef Steak, Tomatoes, Green Onions and Mozzarella Cheese and is served with a mixture of Roasted Red Potatoes, Sautéed Peppers and Onions.

Greek Burger and Potatoes
Greek Burger & Roasted Potatoes
Corbin-Olson & Thompson Dining Centers
Lunch & Dinner | Grill Station

Bayliss-Henninger Dining Centers
Dinner Only | Grill Station

Featuring the Mindful Beef Mushroom Burger this sandwich is topped with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Feta Cheese and a seasoned Garlic Olive Spread in a Whole Wheat Bun. Served with a side of hand cut roasted Potato Wedges and Fresh Fruit.

Mexican Breakfast Bowl
Mexican Breakfast Bowl
Corbin-Olson & Thompson Dining Centers
Brunch | Classics Station

This breakfast is a mixture of seasoned diced potatoes topped with diced black bean burger, green peppers and jalapenos sautéed together then placed with two egg white rounds and Pico de Gallo. Garnished with cilantro and radish slices.

Grilled Pimento Cheese and Green Tomato Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries
Grilled Pimento Cheese & Green Tomato Sandwich and Sweet Potato Fries
Corbin-Olson & Thompson Dining Centers
Lunch & Dinner | Grill Station

Bayliss-Henninger Dining Centers
Dinner Only | Grill Station

A grilled cheese sandwich is anything but traditional when Carla’s in the house. She swaps in pimento cheese – a pantry staple in Southern kitchens – and green tomatoes for a kick of flavor. Thick slices of rustic sourdough bread and a side of sweet potato fries complete the comfort food upgrade.

Edamame and Aspragus Noodle Bowl
Edamame & Asparagus Noodle Bowl
All Dining Centers
Dinner | Classics Station

Grab a fork and a spoon for Colin’s savory noodle bowl. A medley of vegetables – edamame, asparagus, bok choy, mushrooms and red pepper – sautéed with fresh garlic and ginger share the bowl with twirly ramen noodles and a savory soy broth. A garnish of toasted sesame seeds and sliced almonds adds crunch.