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Blackened Chicken Sliders
Blackened Chicken Sliders

All Dining Centers
Dinner | Classics Station

Asian Chicken Tacos
Asian Chicken Tacos

Corbin-Olson & Thompson Dining Centers
Lunch | Classics Station

Chef Scott's tacos are a fusion of southern cooking traditions and exotic ingredients from his favorite cuisines. Crispy Asian-battered chicken is tossed with Korean gochujang sauce to take your palate on a culinary adventure. With a crunchy buttermilk-and-herb slaw and pickled lemongrass grapes, these tacos are hot, cool, tart and sweet - and so eay to eat!

Turkey Portobello Shiitake Melt
Turkey, Portobello & Smoky Shiitake Melt

Corbin-Olson & Thompson Dining Centers
Lunch & Dinner | Classics Station