Financial Aid

Financial Aid Budgets

The total amount of financial aid (grants, scholarships, loans, etc.) that a student may receive is limited to that student’s estimated cost of attending WIU. This cost of attendance is determined using a budget established by the Financial Aid Office.

Your financial aid budget includes expected University expenses, but also includes additional expenses a student is likely to incur while attending school, such as books, laundry, transportation, etc.

Your financial aid budget is determined by your tuition plan at WIU - If you have maintained continuous enrollment, select the plan associated with the first semester you enrolled at WIU to view your cost of attendance (financial aid budget).

      • Plan Q – Summer 2015/Fall 2015/Spring 2016
      • Plan P  – Summer 2014/Fall 2014/Spring 2015
      • Plan O – Summer 2013/Fall 2013/Spring 2014
      • Plan N – Summer 2012/Fall 2012/Spring 2013
      • Plan M – Summer 2011/Fall 2011/Spring 2012

If you have not attended every fall and spring since you first enrolled, please contact the Billing and Receivables Office to determine your tuition plan.

Please note that only standard budgets are listed, and budgets will vary based on enrollment.