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FAQ - Financial Aid for Study Abroad

    • How do I apply for financial aid?
        • Complete the Electronic Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), just as if you were applying for financial aid on-campus. File early!
        • Contact the WIU Study Abroad Coordinator to determine the program that is right for you.
        • Once you have selected a program, the Study Abroad Coordinator confirms your enrollment, verifies expenses, and provides the necessary information to the Financial Aid Office.
        • The Financial Aid Office will assess your FAFSA and post an Award letter on STARS based on your financial aid eligibility and the costs provided by the Study Abroad Coordinator.
    • What types of financial aid are available for Study Abroad?
        • Most programs available for on-campus study are also available for Study Abroad.
        • Programs currently available for Study Abroad include:
          • Grants - Federal Pell and SEOG
          • Loans - Federal Stafford, Perkins, PLUS (Parents)
          • Illinois Veterans Grant (IVG)
          • Illinois Monetary Award Program (MAP)
          • Illinois National Guard (ING)
    • Will I receive the same financial aid for Study Abroad as I would on-campus?
      • There is no set answer to this question. Financial aid for Study Abroad depends upon the following factors:
        • Your individual "financial eligibility"
        • Your class level-for the amount of loan available
        • Study Abroad does not increase Pell Grant or MAP eligibility.
        • Eligibility for Federal Stafford, Perkins and PLUS loans can sometimes be increased when the cost of a Study Abroad program is greater than the cost of attendance in Macomb.
        • Eligibility for Federal loans are sometimes reduced when a program of Study Abroad is less than normal, on-campus expenses. Program costs are verified by the Study Abroad Coordinator.
    • Can I receive financial aid for Summer Session Study Abroad?
      • Most grant funds (except IVG and ING) are not available during the Summer Session. Students with remaining loan eligibility from the prior academic year may be eligible for Summer loan. Plus Loans would usually be an option for most dependent students.
    • Are there special scholarships for Study Abroad?
      • Some Study Abroad programs do offer scholarships. Contact the Study Abroad Coordinator for specific information. The WIU Scholarship Coordinator also has information on a wide range of scholarship programs.
    • Will my financial aid be affected if my grades for study abroad don't arrive by the official end of the WIU semester?
      • It could affect eligibility based on the WIU Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements. Please contact the Center for International Studies or the Financial Aid Office if you think your grades may not arrive on time.