Undergraduate Admissions

2019 fall class on the football field in the shape of a W

Reach Program

Established in 1969 and formerly known as OAS (Office of Academic Services), the Reach program is an alternative admission option for students whose GPA, SAT or ACT fall below WIU's average student profile. Program advisors use an intrusive advising model to help students stay on track in their classes, offer study skills, note-taking and test-taking workshops and connect with free tutoring and other campus resources.


Admission Overview

  • Personal statements can be emailed to admissions@wiu.edu and are strongly encouraged if
    • You have earned Ds or Fs in core academic courses
    • You faced extenuating circumstances during high school
  • Letter of recommendation should come from a teacher or counselor and should outline your academic successes, homework habits and any extenuating circumstances you have faced
  • Admissions decisions are based on a variety of factors including your grades in English, math, science and social science courses, SAT or ACT scores, your personal statement, letters of recommendation and admissions interview

Interview Options

Reach program interviews are not required, but are an opportunity to share more about yourself, your goals and any challenges you have faced. Make your appointment using the link below to meet with our team over the phone or at a Discover Western open house visit.