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X-ray Services

The X-Ray (Radiology) department is licensed by the state and staffed by registered radiological technologists. The Radiology department performs general diagnostic x-rays ordered by Beu Health Center physicians. All x-rays are read by board-certified radiologists.

X-ray Staff - What We Can Do For You

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  • Obtain quality imaging and licensed radiologist readings.
  • Protect individuals from excess radiation.
  • Provide imaging as comfortably as possible.
  • Create a CD copy of images.

Our X-ray department is updated, modern and technology friendly with our digital imaging system. We specialize in taking digital x-rays. This is a method found at larger health care facilities and Beu Health Center is proud to offer this same service. Digital x-rays allow us to enhance your visit by:

  • Lowering the exposure rate of radiation to the patient.
  • Capturing images faster.
  • Producing better quality images with a broader spectrum of contrast.
  • Obtaining readings/results in approximately 2 hours.
Exam Charge Code Price
AC Joints 73050 $75.00
Ankle 73610 $75.00
Calcaneus 73650 $75.00
Chest PA 71010 $75.00
Chest & Lat. 71020 $75.00
Clavicle 73000 $75.00
Copy of X-rays 99199 $13.00 per exam
Elbow 73080 $75.00
Femur 73550 $75.00
Finger 73140 $75.00
Foot 73630 $75.00
Forearm 73090 $75.00
Hand 73130 $75.00
Hip 73510 $75.00
Humerus 73060 $75.00
Knee 73564 $75.00
KUB 74000 $75.00
Lower Leg (Tib/Fib) 73590 $75.00
Mandible 70110 $75.00
Nasal bones 70160 $75.00
Pelvis 72170 $75.00
Ribs 71111 $75.00
Sacrum & Coccyx 72220 $75.00
Scapula 73010 $75.00
Shoulder 73030 $75.00
Sinuses 70220 $75.00
Skull 70260 $75.00
Spine, Cervical 72052 $75.00
Spine, Thoracic 72074 $75.00
Spine, Lumbo-sacral 72110 $75.00
Sternum 71120 $75.00
Toe 73660 $75.00
Wrist 73110 $75.00

Please Note: Prices subject to change.      


Most services at Beu Health Center do have associated charges. Students may have these charges billed to their University Account, or if they chose may pay by cash, check or credit card(VISA or Mastercard)at the time services are received. All charges not paid at the time of service will be automatically billed to your student account. Beu Health Center does not file insurance billing, however students may obtain a receipt for their visit to file with their insurance for reimbursement. If you need a receipt please visit our secure patient portal at or you may ask for a receipt at the front desk with a photo ID.

Revised 07/2018