Scholarship Resource Tips

The Scholarship Office relies upon academic information available in the WIU admissions and Registrar's Offices. Therefore, try to apply for admission to WIU before or at the same time you apply for a scholarship. Should your academic record change significantly, (ACT/SAT score, grade point average, class rand), contact the Scholarship Office immediately.

Tips for Applying for Scholarships

  • Make sure your application is legible
  • Make certain your application has all required letters of recommendation completed and submitted by the deadline date
  • Apply only for scholarships which match your qualifications
  • Read our FAQ
  • Do not limit yourself onto to the scholarships funded through WIU. Check multiple sources;
    • Contact local and national organizations and foundations that may have opportunities which match your qualifications
    • Check with high school/community college counselors, professional publications, WWW search sites, local newspapers, parents' employers, clugs, and groups to which parents or other relatives belong
    • Check the library
  • Start seeking and applying for scholarships early
  • Applications and recipients are screend and selected by campus-based scholarship committees, not by donors. Solicitation of donors is not recommended.

Be Aware of Scholarship Scams

When researching adn applying for scholarships, be aware of financial scams. The scarms usually ask for money, or ask applicants to attend seminars to learn more about the programs. Others tell applicants they are guaranteed to receive scholarships or claim an outrageous success rate such as 'everyone wins'. Obtaining a scholarship should not cost, should not require attendance at a seminar and can never be guaranteed. Be very careful if a program requests unusual personal information such as a bank account number, credit card, or social security number. Remember that when you apply for scholarships you are competing against equally talented students. Do not expect to receive enough in scholarship awards to cover the full cost of your university expenses.

Foundation and department scholarships that require an application are available on the Scholarship Portal.

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