Student Life

Emergency and Crisis Follow up

The Student Development and Success Center serves as an emergency contact for students experiencing immediate health, emergency, or personal problems that may affect their academic performance. The SDSC acts as a liaison between students, family members, faculty, University personnel, and community agencies in crisis situations. Staff provides academic and moral support to those who have experienced personal difficulties. In the event of the death of a student or immediate family member, the SDSC will assist with necessary notifications. 

Documentation needed

Some situations require documentation which may include:

  1. Death - a copy of the death notice, obituary, death certificate, or funeral bulletin.
  2. Illness or accident - written verification from the doctor on office letterhead, hospital bills, copies of medical bills, or accident reports.
  3. Personal - verification from the counselor, medical associate, or supportive facility verifying dates attended/treated and/or comments they feel comfortable making; letter from employer regarding changes in job responsibilities, work hours, position, or position change.
  4. Legal - copies of proceedings, verification from attorney, police reports, etc.
  5. Judicial - copies of letters concerning hearings, statement from the Student Rights and Responsibilities, or a statement from the Office of Public Safety (OPS) reports.