Transition and Academic Skills Center

Transition and Academic Skills Center

The Transition and Academic Skills Center (TASC) provides various services and areas of support that assist students toward a successful transition into the Western Illinois University community.  These services include Leatherneck Launch (New Student Orientation) during fall, spring and summer which is designed to introduce new students to Western; Academic Success Coaching, a service to students to help students achieve their academic goals, Rocky's Resources which includes tutoring services as well as academic success workshops for all students, and Camp Leatherneck, an engaging program for new students that takes place prior the start of the academic year.  Camp has a social focus and is based on the tenets of Leadership, Service and Community.    


Academic Success Coaching

The purpose of academic success coaching is to provide additional support to undergraduate students striving to reach their academic potential.  Success Coaching is an interactive process that meets students where they are and helps the student get to where they want to be. To learn more about Academic Success Coaching click here.

Leatherneck Launch (New Student Orientation)

Leatherneck Launch programs take place for incoming students prior to each academic semester and for Fall matriculation, throughout the summer. 

Camp Leatherneck

Camp Leatherneck is a FREE 2-day leadership retreat for incoming students that focuses on individual leadership development, provides opportunities for student/faculty/staff interactions, emphasizes the importance of understanding diversity, and promotes social responsibility by participating in community service. 


Attending tutoring means you are investing time inside and outside the tutoring session in understanding the subject and implementing the critical thinking and problem-solving technique taught to you by the tutor.

Rocky's Resources (Tutoring and Academic Success Workshops)

Both services offer support and academic skills development to students.  Tutoring is FREE and offered via Zoom , the video-conferencing platform, and on the 2nd floor of the Malpass Library.

Academic Success Workshops provide students with valuable information on how to transition to college-level thinking.  For information on tutoring or academic success workshops, click here.


  • Dr. Michelle Janisz                                                                                           
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Graduate Assistants
Academic Success Coaches                                                                 Contact Information
  • Lisa Melz-Jennings                                                                                                  (309) 298-1131
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  • Andrea Riebling
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