Student Learning Center

Student Learning Center

The Student Learning Center (SLC) provides various services and areas of support that assist students toward a successful career at Western Illinois University.


Academic Success Coaching

The purpose of academic success coaching is to provide additional support to undergraduate students striving to reach their academic potential. Success Coaching is an interactive process that meets students where they are and helps the student get to where they want to be.

Rocky's Resources (Tutoring in Library)

Attending tutoring means you are investing time inside and outside the tutoring session in understanding the subject and implementing the critical thinking and problem-solving technique taught to you by the tutor.

Tutoring is FREE and takes place on the 2nd floor of the Malpass Library.  Most tutoring is done in person, put there are opportunities for virtual tutoring as well.

Departmental Tutoring (various departments across campus)

This is tutoring that is offered in various departments across campus.  If you do not see a tutor for a subject you need either in the Rocky's Resources link or Departmetnal tutoring link, please speak with your Instructor directly.

Academic Success videos

These videos will provide students with valuable information on how to transition to college-level thinking and help you succeed in your journey to graduation.

Contact information

For additional information you may contact the Student Learning Center at (309) 298-1871.