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What is Academic Success Coaching?

Academic Success Coaching is an opportunity for students to benefit from one-on-one coaching within a solution-focused model. Coaches will assist students with identifying challenges, connecting with resources, creating action plans, and providing referrals to campus services and opportunities resulting in an increase in student persistence and success at WIU.

As undergraduate students continue to seek additional support in reaching their academic potential beyond their first-year, academic success coaching may be the answer. Academic success coaching is an interactive process that empowers those students to create a bridge between where they are and where they want to be. 

***Students who sign up with a success coach, commit to regularly scheduled meetings for the entire semester. 

Preparing for an appointment

New students to coaching:

To schedule an appointment, please access Andrea's or Lisa's calendar below. Please click on the type of appointment that best fits your situation.

Before your meeting, please click here to print out the intake form.  Bring your completed form to your first meeting.

Returning students to coaching:

If you already have a prior relationship with a coach, please schedule an appointment with that coach.

Coaching Staff


Lisa Melz-Jennings
Academic Success Coach Coordinator

Make an appointment with Lisa


Andrea Riebling
Academic Success Coach

Make an appointment with Andrea









Have a quick question or need help with anything academic (non-tutoring)?

Students can make a one-off appointment with a coach to discuss some quick tips on studying for a test, time management, organization, or how to connect with a campus resource. Please click either link to schedule a quick question appointment Success Coach Andrea or Success Coach Lisa.

In any given session, students could discuss:

  • Organization
  • Goal Setting
  • School/Life Balance
  • Time Management
  • Success Strategies
  • Connecting with Resources

Student Spotlight

"I started my academic journey at WIU in the Spring of 2020.  I encountered many personal obstacles, causing me to put my education on hold.  With the help of an Academic Success Coach, I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree.  My Academic Success Coach was not only an academic coach, but she became a friend.  I am profoundly grateful not only to her, but the entire faculty at WIU.  Thank you Western Illinois University, for not only helping me to accomplish my dreams, but for also exhibiting love and genuine concern in the process."

Narvel N.

Bachelor of Arts in General Studies/current MBA student

Narvel N


"To me, success coaching meant more than graduating on time. It meant waking up every morning with a positive and proactive mindset. It meant showing up to class, applying myself to lectures, and completing all of my assignments. Although life got in the way of my journey and things got rough; there was my success coach to support me and my goals."

Adan R.

Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management




If you would like to check your gpa at anytime, please click here: WIU gpa calculator

Contact Us

For questions related to academic coaching, please contact the Student Learning Center at 309-298-1871.

Student Testimonials

"My coach helped me turn my grades around completely!"

"My coach helped me identify where I need the most help, which was time management."

"My coach listens to me and gives me good resources and lets me know the decision is up to me." 

"My coach has been helpful by helping me find resources around campus. She always has a positive attitude."

"My coach constantly checks in on me and is concerned about me not just academically, but personally as well."

"My coach has been helpful by not just providing that space to talk about academics, but also providing that safe space to talk about my emotional and mental health. I enjoy coming to our meetings because it’s like an escape from the outside world. In addition, my coach makes me see the potential in myself that I tend to not see at times."

"My coach has helped me keep on top of my work in an effective and consistent manner that I haven't had in YEARS, truly the best."