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Welcome to Western Illinois University's IT Governance website.  Here, the WIU community can submit technology enhancement ideas, track ideas that are currently being discussed, view notes and minutes of all of the governance committees, and contact committee members. Other resources available include the IT Governance framework document, general information about IT governance and blog articles.

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This website and its accompanying database were specifically created to provide transparency for IT Governance.  Pages throughout the website contain links to the Governance Proposal System (GPS).  GPS is an online database used to record all activity related to any IT Governance request or proposal and to create the workflow for these.  While anyone on the WIU campuses (or logged in via WIU's VPN) can view the proposals and the history of changes made to them, individuals must logon using their ECom credentials to submit technology enhancement ideas and only members of the IT Governance committees can change the status of any request or proposal, which also requires authentication. IT Governance Overview

The first recommendation of WIU's 2013-2018 IT Strategic Plan establishes IT governance, which engages the entire campus community as full-fledged partners in IT decision making. IT governance provides strategic leadership, establishes campus-wide IT priorities and policies in accordance with the University's Strategic Plan and the IT Strategic Plan, and is accountable and transparent to the University community as a whole. Through the governance process, major IT decisions are made in light of all technology needs throughout the University. It cuts across all colleges and business units to eliminate technology silos and has the authority to make decisions for IT projects that exceed a certain spending threshold or meet other established criteria. Given limited resources and the current economic landscape, significant technology investments need to be thoroughly vetted against the backdrop of the priorities across the University.

All requests will be analyzed for their relationship to the mission and strategic directions of the University as well as for total cost of operation. The information pertaining to these two key elements of information technology serves as the basis for the alliances and IT Governance Council's discussions and decisions concerning implementation and prioritization.

Since the spring semester of 2013, a subcommittee (called the IT Governance Oversight Committee) of the University Technology Advisory Group (UTAG), along with others, worked on an IT governance proposal that includes elements of other institutions' approaches to IT governance, adapted for implementation at Western Illinois University. All segments of the University are represented in this governance process. Each IT governance committee publishes minutes so that the process of decision-making is transparent. This committee will continue meeting as an oversight group and make recommendations on changes needed to the IT governance process at WIU.

For more information, download the official IT Governance Framework document (PDF) found in the panel on the right, view the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers on the left, or contact Stephen Frazier, Chief Information Officer, at or (309) 298-4500.

What Must Be Vetted Through IT Governance?

Requests from the University community for technology-related improvements that meet at least one of the following criteria must be vetted through IT governance.

  • It impacts the University significantly from a directional, policy, services, systems, security, financial process, operational or strategic perspective.
  • It requires significant funding. IT expenditures exceeding a designated threshold of $15,000 will be vetted through the IT governance process.
  • It integrates with one or more existing systems. (Example: A new system requires interfaces with an existing financial module.)

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