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How to Mount Your Wall Cling

Preparing the Surface

For best results, it is recommended to use two people while applying your wall cling. While your WIU wall cling will stick to any surface, it is recommended to use a smooth, non-textured wall for best results.

  1. Unroll your WIU wall cling and allow it to flatten completely before applying.
  2. Determine where you are going to apply your WIU wall cling. Measure the area that you wish to apply your WIU wall cling to determine if space is available.
  3. Make a small pencil mark on your wall where the top of the cling is to be adhered. This will be covered up by the cling.
  4. Before applying your WIU wall cling, clean the surface with a warm damp cloth and allow the wall to dry completely.

Applying Your Cling

  1. To apply, peel the paper backing from the top of your WIU wall cling about four inches. Position your WIU wall cling and gently smooth down the exposed adhesive, starting from the top and working your way down. Once this is complete, check the positioning of your WIU wall cling. If you are not satisfied with the position, gently remove the WIU wall cling and re-position.
  2. Once in position, slowly peel the paper back as you gently smooth down the exposed adhesive.
  3. As you are pulling the paper off of your cling and adhering it to the wall, push the air bubbles out from underneath the cling; work from the center outwards
  4. For best results, smooth your WIU wall cling from the center out as you work your way down to the bottom.

Congratulations! You have just applied your very own WIU wall cling!

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