Facilities Management


Troy Rhoads

Troy Rhoads, Interim Director

Troy is a veteran of the United States Navy. He attended Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, where he earned a diploma in Water Treatment. Troy came to Western Illinois University in 1996. He has worked as a Maintenance Worker, Stationary Fireman, Utility Maintenance Repairman, Lead Building Engineer, Chief Building Engineer, and Superintendent of Mechanical Maintenance.

He now serves as the Assistant Director of Facilities Management. His current duties are overseeing the Mechanical Maintenance Department, Building Maintenance Department, and the Heating Plant.

While at Western Illinois University, Troy earned his associate's degree in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning and Refrigeration from Illinois Central College in East Peoria.

Mary Howe

Mary Howe, Staff Clerk/Liaison

Mary has an A.A. degree from Carl Sandburg College. Currently she is a member of the WIU Presidents Roundtable.

Mary began her career at WIU in 1989, transferring to the Grigsby Physical Plant in 1992 as a Data Entry Operator in the Business Office. She has served with four Directors and three Interim Directors, and now serves as the Director's Assistant and Liaison between Facilities Management and the Campus Community.

Her duties include maintaining the Director’s office and Facilities Management schedule, the Building Representative list for the University and supervising the Work Order Control Department at Facilities Management. She is also responsible for the inventory of Facilities Management.

George Beckman

George Beckman, Deputy Director

George has a B.S. and M.S. degree in Industrial Education from Western Illinois University.

Prior to joining WIU, George spent several years teaching Vocational Industrial Education and then went on to spend many years in the construction business as a Project Superintendent and later as an Estimator. He joined WIU Facilities Management in 2008 as a Project Coordinator.

Currently George serves as Deputy Director of Facilities Management with emphasis of directing Facilities Planning and Construction.

Ted Renner

Ted Renner, Deputy Director

Ted, a LEED Accredited Professional, received a B.S. and an M.S. in Industrial Technology from Western Illinois University in ‘96, and ‘98 respectively.

Prior to coming to WIU, Ted worked in residential construction as a carpenter and as a Technician with the Illinois Department of Transportation. He began working at WIU in 1999 and has served in FP&C and as a Construction Coordinator.

He now serves as a Deputy Director at Facilities Management. His WIU building designs include the Kibbe Multipurpose Building, Document and Publication Services Building, and Chown Golf Learning Center. Ted also acts as the University representative on larger projects such as the Multicultural Center and the Center for Performing Arts. He has been a temporary instructor in the Construction Management Department in the College of Business and Technology since 2003.

Eldon Morrison

Eldon Morrison, Superintendent of Building Maintenance

Eldon received the WIU Student Services AOK Award in 2002.

Prior to coming to WIU, Eldon had his own construction business. Eldon began with Western Illinois University in 1997. He started in the FP&C department and went on to be a Supervisor of an in-house construction crew of 11 skilled trade’s employees.

Currently, Eldon serves as Superintendent of Building Maintenance. He oversees all carpenters, electricians, locksmiths, painters, insulators and elevator technicians for the campus.

Jonathan Myers

Jonathan Myers, Business Administrative Associate

Jonathan has a B.B.A. and M.A. in Accounting from Western Illinois University.

Jonathan joined Facilities Management in March 2007 as a student worker. He received a graduate assistantship from the department in January 2009 and became the full-time Business Manager I in July 2010.

He now serves as the Business Administrative Associate. Jonathan oversees the business operations of Facilities Management, including Central Receiving, Transportation Services, and Vending. He also manages the operating and personnel budgets, payroll, and project billings for the department.

Tara Heath

Tara Heath, Superintendent of Landscape Maintenance

Tara has a B.S. degree in Agricultural Business/Horticulture from Western Illinois University.

Tara has worked at WIU since 2000, both in Landscape Maintenance and in Facilities Planning and Construction as a Campus Planner. She also occasionally serves as an adjunct instructor of Agriculture, teaching Horticulture classes at WIU.

She now serves as Superintendent of Landscape Maintenance and oversees the maintenance of campus grounds, including lawn care, tree and shrub pruning, landscaping, athletic field maintenance, and snow removal.

Neal Thurman

Neal Thurman, Superintendent of Building Services

Neal is a veteran of the United States Army. Prior to joining WIU, Neal worked in direct sales, cleaning services and as an operations manager. While at WIU he has served in the Building Services Department an an extra help employee, Building Service Worker, Sub-Foreman and Foreman.

He became the Superintendent of Building Services in 2014. Neal is responsible for a department of more than 100 staff members who provide cleaning and moving services to both appropriated and auxiliary services across the Macomb campus. Aside from his normal duties, Neal evaluates staffing levels and waste stream diversion rates. He continues to assist WIU with efforts towards sustainability and works with the campus community with Recyclamania Projects. Neal also serves on the Board ACUBSS.

Lisa Waller

Lisa Waller, Business Manager II, Vending Services

Lisa has a B.A. degree from Western Illinois University.

Lisa has been employed at WIU since 1985 and has been working with Vending Services for 28 years.

As Business Manager for Vending Services, she works closely with outside vendors to provide snacks, beverages, cold food and ice cream novelties in 133 vending machines located in 28 buildings across campus. Lisa also works with several vending liaisons located throughout campus that assist her in discovering vending problems and providing refunds.