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Individuals with questions, comments, or constructive feedback can email In addition, a comments/concerns form has been established for easy submission.

Residence Hall Operations

Residence halls will operate at standard occupancy, though significantly enhanced cleaning and other adjustments in operations will be necessary to enhance the safety of everyone. Adjustments to residence halls and operations include:

  • Lounge furniture in residence halls will be removed or made unavailable. Where applicable, lounges will be taken offline.
  • All students living in the residence halls will receive (2) cloth face coverings and a small bottle of disinfectant. It is recommended that students bring with them additional sanitizer, cleaning wipes/supplies, and a thermometer.
  • Building Services will increase cleaning measures, with enhanced cleaning technigues, and disinfect high touch surfaces multiple times a day.
  • Assigned roommates will be considered a “household” for purposes of contact tracing. Students will not need to wear masks when they are in their assigned rooms, but they must wear masks in all other rooms and common spaces, including hallways, laundry rooms, restrooms, etc.
  • Temperature taking stations will be made available at the front desks of each residence hall to assist with self-monitoring recommendations.
  • No visitors will be allowed in the residence halls on residential floors.
  • Students needing accommodations should contact Disability Resources in the Student Development and Success Center (SDSC) at or (309) 298-1884.

For additional information regarding housing, please visit the University Housing and Dining Services COVID-19 Response Page.

Campus Dining

Campus Dining Centers are adjusting their facilities and offerings in accordance with foodservice industry best practices.

  • Some Dining Center platforms have revised menus to reflect grab and go and/or carryout food options.
  • Disposable silverware will be used, as well as to-go carryout containers for all food options.
  • Outdoor dining will be available with grab and go, as well as carry-out options in each dining center facility.

For additional information regarding dining, please visit the University Housing and Dining Services COVID-19 Response Page.

Meetings, Events & Programming

Members of the University community will have the opportunity to meet in person in accordance with appropriate University public health practices and protocols. Departments and student organizations may also choose to meet virtually. Attendance must be taken at all in-person meetings and events to allow for contact tracing if needed.

University visitors, speakers/performers will be permitted on a case by case basis for in-person engagements, however, it will be encouraged that such performers are contracted through virtual events.

All events and meetings on campus will be directed through the Union Scheduling and Event Services Office as the centralized scheduling location for campus. Event planners will be subject to understanding and agreeing to prescribed protocols for their event. All events and meetings are reviewed to ensure consistent safety procedures are being implemented and must be approved before proceeding. It is recommended that all information is submitted at least three weeks before an event.

All events will require attendance tracking (name/WIU ID number) so that in the event they need to be contact traced by the respective health dept. In addition, some events may be subject to screening participants before participation. The Scheduling and Events Services Office will provide card swipes and other tools needed to successfully accomplish these tasks. It will be the event hosts' responsibility to perform the necessary precautions as provided by the Scheduling and Events Services Office.

For complete details on event/meeting scheduling and guidelines, including the forms required for submitting room requests, please view the official University policy.

Computer Labs

Computer labs will be opened throughout campus. Hours will be adjusted and some computer stations may be taken offline to conform to proper distancing guidelines. Staff members will assist in disinfecting, but individuals will be asked to help in this endeavor by disinfecting before and after they use a specific station as well. Face coverings will be required in all computer lab locations. Students may be subject to temperature testing before being allowed inside a computer lab.

For additional information regarding computer labs, please visit the University Technology website.

Go West Bus Service

Go West will have buses in operation during the semester. Go West has taken the following measures to ensure that passengers stay safe. Riders should be aware that due to some of the procedures taking place, delays in bus service may take place.

  • Individuals will load and exit from the rear door.
  • All individuals riding the bus (including the driver) will be required to have a face covering on.
  • Go West has extended the line directly behind the driver to encompass 6 ft back from the driver and has taken other seats throughout the bus offline to allow for proper social distancing.
  • No bus is in operation any more than 3-4 hours without being deep cleaned.
  • All busses are deep cleaned between drivers.
  • With social distancing guidelines in place, each bus will have a maximum number of passengers allowed onboard. When a bus reaches this capacity, "At capacity" will be displayed on the vehicle's front sign.

Admissions Tours

The Western Illinois University Admissions Office will offer scheduled tours with attendee limits. Tours will require each participant to wear a face covering. Individuals coming to campus should be in good health.

Individuals who fall into these categories of increased risk should refrain from coming to campus:

  • Older Adults
  • Women who are pregnant
  • Individuals with serious underlying medical conditions

All visitors coming to campus will be required to have their temperatures taken upon arrival. If an individual has a temperature higher than 100.4, they will not be allowed to participate on the tour.

For information related to campus tours and WIU Admissions, please visit the admissions website.

Leatherneck Athletics

Spring Leatherneck sports will proceed spring semester with guidelines and protocols specific to each sport and contest. For additional information regarding athletics, please visit as well as the announcements from the Missouri Valley Football Conference and Summit League.

Specific COVID-19 Information for Student Athletes

Graduation Ceremony

At this time the formal spring 2021 graduation ceremony is still being planned at both the Macomb campus and Quad-Cities TaxSlayer Center as normal.

View additional information regarding commencement.

Spencer Student Recreation Center

The Spencer Student Campus Recreation Center will be open with limited operations and services to preserve safety. Individuals utilizing the Campus Recreation Facility should expect the following:

  • The number of individuals allowed in the recreation center will be limited and monitored.
  • Temperature taking as part of the entrance
  • Face covering required for entry and for some activities. Individuals will be allowed to remove their mask when on certain exercise equipment.
  • Fitness classes and instructional programs will require adjusted attendance based on social distancing.
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols for equipment throughout the facility
  • Locker room facilities may be closed or have limited access
  • Travel for Club Sports Team has been canceled until further notice
  • Intramural sports will be limited and may have additional protocols that participants will have to follow before participating.
  • Some sports or activities may be altered or will not be allowed due to social distancing protocols and guidelines

For additional information regarding campus rec, please visit the Spencer Student Recreation Center website.

University Union & Campus Bookstore

The University Union building will be open, however, individuals should anticipate the following changes related to the operation of the facility.

  • Meeting rooms that cannot be reconfigured to the approved social distancing guidelines will be made unavailable for reservation.
  • All events on campus will be centralized and directed through the Union Scheduling and Event Services Office.
  • The Union Food Court will be open with all items being served to-go.
  • Limited seating will be available and spaced out according to proper distance guidelines in the Murray Street Café.
  • The University Hotel will be open, however, with limited room availability.
  • The Campus Bookstore will be open with capacity limits within the store. In addition, all customers must have a face covering on. Book pickup will be facilitated through “runners” as no one will be allowed to be in the book stacks.

University Libraries

The University Library system will be available for students to utilize throughout the fall semester. No outside visitors (students and campus personnel only) will be allowed inside any of the University Libraries until further notice. Libraries will also continue to provide service continuity via virtual access to expertise, online/digital resources, and remote services in support of teaching and learning.

When visiting the library resources throughout campus, students should expect to see:

  • The number of individuals allowed in library facilities may be limited and monitored.
  • No outside visitors other than current students and employees will be allowed into campus libraries. Visitors wishing to utilize library resources can still do so online. Curbside service will also be available.
  • Individuals may see a temperature reading required before admission in some facilities.
  • Limited seating will be available and spaced out according to proper distance guidelines.

For additional information regarding library operations, please visit the University Libraries website.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the many adjustments to activities and operations that student fees support such as access to the recreation center, attendance at sporting events, campus programs, etc. will student fees be adjusted to reflect these changes?

Mandatory fees are assessed to all students to cover a wide variety of expenses that enhance the student experience (facilities, talent grants, transit systems, campus recreation, technology, athletics, student activities, etc.). While some of these services will look different this year (ie. Student Activities may host more online programming, Campus Recreation may have limited hours and host online programming, Technology options may increase, etc.), the mandatory fees will remain the same for all students as services will continue to be provided. University Administration will continue to evaluate the health and safety of the WIU campus community, as well as services offered, and reserves the right to adjust fees should the situation change at a later date.

Fee use varies greatly student to student (ie. Student A goes to the Recreation Center daily, Student B never steps foot in Recreation Center, Student C receives a talent grant, and Student D heavily utilizes student activity funds for programming, etc. Despite the differences in fee activities and usage, all students pay the same overall rate). WIU’s mandatory fee structure is set up to benefit all students and enhance the learning experience, regardless of the mode of education.