Risk Management and Emergency Preparedness

Guidance and Preparation for Western Illinois University Student Pick-Up/Returns

[Download these guidelines in PDF format]

As part of the extended/modified Stay at Home Order that is slated to go into effect May 1, 2020, an exemption allows for educational institutions to establish procedures for pick-up of necessary supplies or student belongings.

Because several departments, organizations, and offices must coordinate with students to pick-up andreturn belongings, WIU Risk Management is providing guidance for the implementation and processes campus entities should follow when planning and communicating their respective pick-up/drop-off with students. The intent of these guidelines is to provide a set of standards and centralized processes for all areas of campus. Each area needs to adapt these guidelines for their specific needs. These are not exhaustive as facility access, building layouts, and the number of students needing to be coordinated with may vary.

The ultimate coordination will fall to each respective department/organization/office pending the approval from the WIU Risk Manager. WIU Quad Cities should seek approval from Sr. VP Joe Rives. It is expected that these guidelines (where/when applicable) are followed, as well as any additional guidelines that may be warranted by a department to ensure a safe and efficient return or drop-off. WIU Quad Cities should seek approval from Sr. VP Joe Rives.

Communication to include:

  • Student Arrival: Arrival must be set for a pre-arranged/pre-approved time to stagger and mitigate congestion and gatherings.
  • Face Coverings: Provide a statement that masks are required for all individuals.
  • Health Statement: All individuals returning to campus should be in good health. Individuals who fall into the below categories should refrain from helping residents move out:
    • Older adults
    • Women who are pregnant
    • Individuals with serious underlying medical conditions
  • Entrances: Messages should include where individuals should enter through one centralized entrance (all other doors are locked).
  • Enhanced Cleaning: Message should include a statement regarding enhanced cleaning measures are being implemented during the scheduled time.
  • Number of Individuals Allowed: Provide a statement that only the person who has possession of University-owned property or is picking up belongings be admitted into the respective WIU facility.

Drop-Off/Pick-Up via Vehicle:

  • Location: Select an area of campus that is free of frequent traffic, such as a parking lot.
  • Staffing: The staff member performing the pick-up or drop-off must wear a mask and gloves (or disinfect hands between vehicles).

In Person Drop-Off/Pick-Up:

  • Centralized Entrance: A central, designated entrance shall be determined at the respective building. ADA access must be available. When the entrance is determined, an email with the dates/times and location must be sent to the Facilities Management Building Services (NW-Thurman@wiu.edu and VL-Tait@wiu.edu) WIU-QC (SM-Whan@wiu.edu) so that enhanced cleaning measures can be implemented.
  • Temperature Testing: Students must have had temperature taken and be in a possession of a WIU day pass issued in each Residence Hall Information Desk, OPS (Before 9:30am), or Beu Health Center.
  • Number of Individuals Allowed: Only the person who has possession of University-owned property or is picking up belongings be admitted into the building.
  • Face Coverings: All individuals must have proper facing covering.
  • Gloves: Staff members receiving materials or property should wear gloves, if possible (if not, hands must be disinfected before and after each interaction).
  • Kiosk or Central Table: If operating a kiosk or centralized table, marks should be taped to the floor in 6' intervals for social distancing protocols. Where applicable, and in coordination with Facilities Management, a temporary clear shield station will be installed. To obtain a shield, please email Facilities Management (AB-Daniels@wiu.edu).
  • Frequent Disinfecting: Staff should assist with frequent wiping of tabletops, door knobs, and any other "high-touch" areas in conjunction with their operation. To obtain disinfectant spray and paper towels, please contact WIU Macomb Facilities Management Building Services (NW-Thurman@wiu.edu and VL-Tait@wiu.edu). For WIU-QC, please contact (SM-Whan@wiu.edu)
  • Sanitizer: If possible/available, hand sanitizer should be made available to individuals dropping-off or picking-up.
  • Cleaning of items: For items that are returned, staff must wipe down and disinfect.

Key Returns:

  • Quad-Cities campus students can return keys to the Riverfront Desk. Macomb campus students can return keys in person at the Office of Public Safety (Mowbray Hall) dispatch window.
  • All students will be required to wear a mask while inside WIU campus buildings and will need to provide name and WIU ID number when returning keys.
  • Macomb campus students may also elect to return keys through the United States Postal Service. The costs related to shipping will be at the cost of the student. It is recommended that they send the key(s) via certified mail to ensure delivery. Student should include their name and ID number. Keys should be sent to:

    Western Illinois University OPS
    ATTN: Keys
    1 University Circle
    Macomb, IL 61455

  • If a student was issued a key through a department who manages their own key inventory, they should work with that respective department on how to return.
  • Students residing within a WIU residence hall will turn in their residence hall keys at the time of their check-out.