Bachelor of Science in Physical Education

Why Choose Physical Education at WIU?

  • Adventure and Outdoor Education (low ropes course, rock climbing, high ropes course, orienteering)
  • 100 hours of hands on teaching in public schools.
  • Best preparation in Illinois for Adapted P.E. Specialists includes developmental disabilities instruction.
  • Traditional sports and contemporary activities such as Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi.
  • Teaching licensure endorsements in Health and Dance.
  • Physical Education Majors club that attends state and local conferences.

Program Availability

  • Macomb

Job Placements of WIU Graduates

  • Teacher Licensure degree is recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education to teach anywhere in Illinois and the entire nation.
  • WIU PE alumni currently teach in Chicago Public Schools, many districts in the Chicago Metro Area, Peoria, Rock Island, Springfield in Illinois, in Kentucky, Tennessee, Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Texas, South Carolina, California, and internationally in Japan.


  • University scholarships available
  • 20 scholarships awarded annually: Two McKee Scholarships and one Alumni Scholarship are awarded to incoming freshmen, Yeast Scholarship is awarded to an incoming transfer student, Brophy, Dittus, Garner, Hughes, McGuinness, Westendorf, and Sharp Scholarships are available to juniors and seniors, and the Mings Scholarship is awarded to any Kinesiology Major who is also a WIU Athlete.