Administrative Procedures Handbook

Lactation Accommodation Procedure

Supervisors of employees who request accommodation under this policy shall provide reasonable lactation break periods with sufficient flexibility to meet the nursing mother’s needs (approximately every 3.5 hours for 20-30 minutes). Paid break time must run concurrently with any lactation break, whenever possible. Lactation breaks taken outside of paid break periods are unpaid. When it is anticipated that lactation breaks will be taken outside of paid break periods, the employee and supervisor shall make arrangements to account for the time. This could include use of accrued time, extending the work day or shortening the lunch period.

The University reserves the right to allow supervisors to restrict or limit breaks which unduly impact workflow or performance.

Supervisors and/or employees with questions or concerns regarding these procedures should contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access at (309) 298-1977.