Administrative Procedures Handbook

Missing Student Procedures

All students, both on and off campus, are prompted to provide emergency contact information each semester they log on to STARS and register for classes. In addition, at the beginning of each academic year, residential students will be asked to voluntarily provide emergency contact information in the event the student is reported missing while enrolled at WIU. This emergency information will be maintained by University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) and will be updated annually. Student Development and Orientation and/or The Office of Public Safety should be notified whenever a student is identified as potentially missing. (the and/or is for people who may have concerns but are not sure or prepared to notify law enforcement at this time but want to report the concern.) Upon notification from any entity that a student may be missing, University officials may use any or all of the following procedures or resources to assist in locating the student.

  1. Call the student using the telephone number they listed as contact information.
  2. Conduct a safety check of the student's room.
  3. Talk to the student's Resident Assistant (RA), roommate, and floor mates to see if anyone can confirm the missing student's whereabouts and/or confirm the date, time and location the student was last seen.
  4. Call and text the student's cell phone and/or e-mail the student.
  5. Check all possible locations mentioned by parties above.
  6. Check social networking sites.
  7. Ascertain student's car make and license plate. Parking Services Attendants (PSA) will check University parking lots.
  8. University staff may be asked to obtain ID card use, e-mail logs or access logs to the WIU computer system.
  9. Check with faculty to see if the student recently attended classes.
  10. Check to see if the student employed through campus and contact the student's supervisor to see if the student has shown up for work.

Office of Public Safety officers will not be limited to the above. The Office of Public Safety will follow guidelines as written in Illinois General Assembly HB0194, Public Act 09S-0192. If the Office of Public Safety investigation determines that the student has been missing for more than 24 hours, the student’s confidential or emergency contact will be notified. If the emergency and confidential contacts cannot be reached, the student’s parents or legal guardian will be contacted. This policy does not preclude implementing these procedures in less than 24 hours if necessary.