Administrative Procedures Handbook

Transportation Services

Phone: (309) 298-1100
Fax: (309) 298-2531

Garage Hours:

Monday - Friday: 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

Emergency Procedures:

If an emergency occurs, contact:

Transportation Services: 298-1100
Monday - Friday: 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

After Hours:
Public Safety: 298-1949

Policies and Procedures

A number of sedans, 7-passenger mini-vans, and 15-passenger vans are available to faculty and staff for official University business only. Travel shall be the most direct route to and from the destination. Insurance coverage has the potential to be denied if the direct route is not taken. Possession of a valid driver's license is required, which includes a commercial driver's license with a passengers endorsement for the mini-bus. Transportation Services personnel will request proof of a valid driver's license when vehicles are picked up for trips.

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Temporary civil service employees are available to provide driving services for campus departments. Drivers may be requested by either completing the Driver's Request form or sending the request via the network to Transportation Services. Transportation Services will then contact the available pool of drivers. Because drivers are not full-time employees, driver availability is not guaranteed. Driver requests are encumbered in the departmental account. After the trip's completion, a journal entry occurs for the actual hours driven.

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Employees Who May Request, Drive, and Ride in University Vehicles

Academic, administrative, civil service personnel, and graduate assistants may request and drive University vehicles. All drivers of University vehicles must possess a valid driver's license, which will be verified by Transportation Services. Student employees are allowed to drive University vehicles if driving the vehicle is a requirement of the job and the trip is considered to be official University business. Picking up and transporting guest performers, clinicians, etc., is allowable.

Vice presidential approval must be obtained prior to the trip for a student or non-University person to drive a University vehicle in a volunteer/non-employee role. Even when vice presidential approval is obtained, insurance coverage is not provided for non-University personnel.

To obtain vice presidential approval, submit a memo to the appropriate Vice President with a copy to Transportation Services, along with an explanation outlining the benefit or need for a student to drive the vehicle or for a spouse or non-employee to ride in and/or drive the vehicle. Because of the extra steps necessary for travel of this nature, forms should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the trip. Once approval is obtained, follow the regular requisition process.

Travel by external organizations, such as annuitant associations, booster clubs, credit unions, fraternities and sororities, whose business and purpose is ancillary to the primary mission of the University, is not allowable. Purely recreational, social or entertainment-related trips are not allowable. It is not permissible for children to travel in University vehicles. Personal use of vehicles is not permitted (family members, etc.)

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Requesting a Vehicle

Vehicles may be requested by completing the online Vehicle Requisition form (Ecom login required). A separate request is required for each vehicle and trip requested. Trips requiring multiple vehicles must list the individual driver of each vehicle. The online form prints in the Transportation Services office. Vehicles are scheduled for the current fiscal year as the requests are received in the Transportation Services office. Priority assignments do occur for extension classes and student recruiting trips. Fleet travel is encumbered and expended out of the departmental line item. Encumbrances do not occur if the request is received less than two days prior to the departure date of the trip.

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Approval and Denial of Requests

Approved and denied vehicle requests will be returned to the requesting department. A copy of a denied request is retained in Transportation Services for assignment if a cancellation occurs. For approved requests, the pink copy is returned to the department and should accompany the driver when picking up the vehicle. Contact the Transportation Services Office when trip changes and cancellations occur.

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Accident Procedures

If an accident occurs:

  • Make sure all individuals receive medical attention.
  • Secure the names and addresses of witnesses, license numbers of other vehicles, and names of people involved in the accident.
  • Secure the names of the insurance companies for all vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Follow the emergency calling procedures.
  • Upon returning to campus, complete the necessary accident report forms in the Office of Public Safety. Accident reports must be reported to the State of Illinois within seven days by Auxiliary Services.

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Chartered Aircraft

The Aircraft Scheduling form must be completed and on file in the Transportation Services Office three business days prior to the departure of a chartered flight. Cobb Aviation will not provide air service until Transportation Services has received the Aircraft Scheduling form, verified funding, and given approval to Cobb Aviation for the trip.

Departments may continue to contact Cobb Aviation to schedule the trip. However, when direct arrangements are made, please indicate on the Aircraft Scheduling form. The form must be on file in Transportation Services three business days prior to the departure of the flight. Transportation Services will pay the flight vendor. The account number indicated on the Aircraft Scheduling form will be automatically charged.

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Chartered Bus Services

Call Auxiliary Services to arrange chartered bus services.

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Inclement Weather/Grounding Vehicles

When inclement weather occurs, Transportation Services staff will evaluate conditions based on the best available information to determine if grounding vehicles is necessary. Transportation Services personnel only determine if University vehicles will or will not be released; they do not determine if classes will be held or if meetings should or should not be attended. Employees have the option, with appropriate approval, to drive their personal vehicles.

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Permanently Assigned Vehicles

Vehicles assigned to a faculty/staff member on a permanent basis are to be used for University-related business only. Faculty/staff members are responsible for the care and maintenance of the vehicles, which includes the following:

  • Servicing the vehicle every 3,000 miles at Transportation Services, whenever possible.
  • Contacting Transportation Services when repairs are required.
  • Washing the vehicle on a regular basis.

Monthly odometer readings must be submitted to the Transportation Services office.

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Use of a University Vehicle

Transportation Services must be notified when someone other than the driver indicated on the Departmental Requisition for University Vehicle form is picking up the vehicle or vehicle keys. It is the driver's or his/her designee's responsibility to pick up the vehicle or vehicle keys during normal business hours. Public Safety personnel will not provide access to Transportation Services after hours to provide vehicle keys for scheduled trips.

The white copy of the request and, when necessary, gasoline credit cards are given to the driver. Recording accurate beginning and ending mileage readings is crucial because the charge is based on the actual trip mileage. Drivers should use University fuel from Transportation Services whenever possible. Credit cards are provided for gasoline and vehicle repair. Self-service gasoline should be purchased whenever possible. If cash or a personal credit card is used for gasoline or vehicle repairs, the receipt must be submitted to the Transportation Services office for reimbursement. When returning the vehicle to Transportation Services, close the windows, lock the vehicle, and deposit keys, credit cards, and receipts in slot on the Garage door. Please indicate any vehicle problems on the trip sheet.

The use of a speed control device (radar detector) is not allowed in University vehicles. Drivers are responsible for traffic violations and parking tickets. Smoking in University vehicles is not permitted.

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Vehicle Liability Insurance

Western Illinois University's vehicles are covered by the State of Illinois Self-Insured Motor Vehicle Liability Plan. This liability plan provides very limited coverage. For more detailed information, contact the Vice President for Administrative Services office.

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