Administrative Procedures Handbook

University Union Services

The University Union and the various operations it houses provide the campus community with a wide variety of services.

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The Union Service Center

Telephone: 298-1941

The Union Service Center sells bus tickets as well as provides a check cashing service for students, faculty, and staff of the University. The maximum amount of a check cashed is $100.50 per check (which includes a $.50 check-cashing charge) unless otherwise approved by the supervisor on duty. Students, faculty, and staff must have a current valid WIU identification card.

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University Union Guest Rooms

Telephone: 298-1941

University Union Guest Rooms function as a service facility in meeting various needs of the University campus and the community. 29 rooms are available to provide overnight accommodations. Call the guest room supervisor at the Union Service Center for rates and reservations.

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Office of Conference and Event Services

Telephone: 298-2421
Fax: 298-2899

The Office of Conference and Event Services (OCES) in the University Union schedules events in the Union, Western Hall, and Conference facilities, as well as all non-athletic outdoor events. The events range from daily meetings and activities to camps and conferences, wedding receptions, and banquets. The office works closely with many campus departments to ensure that each event showcases the campus of Western Illinois University.

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University Bookstore

Telephone: 298-1931
Fax: 298-2931

The University Bookstore sells textbooks, paperbacks, books by Western Illinois University authors, reference works, study guides, teaching aids, computer software and accessories, and a complete line of office and art supplies, cards, and stationery, Western Illinois University souvenirs and gifts, electronic equipment, and sportswear. The Bookstore will also special order any book in print.

The Bookstore is available at the QC campus three times per semester to sell textbooks to Quad Cities students. For information about textbook sale & return dates and times, contact Quad Cities Office of Academic & Student Services, 309.762-9481.

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Dining Areas

The Food Court includes the following dining areas:

  • Sbarro - Enjoy our dining area while you have pizza, pasta, or other menu choises from Sbarro.
  • Burger King: 298-1999 - Burger King is located off the concourse on the Union's ground floor and offers fast food service of favorite burgers, sandwiches, fries, salads, beverages, and breakfast items. This area has long been a favorite gathering place for students, faculty, staff, and guests.
  • 1864 Bistro: 298-1292 - Located in the Lamoine Room, a more traditional dining experience with a varied menu is offered. Reservations can be made by calling 298-1292. Walk-ins are welcome.
  • One Stop Rocky Shop: 298-1292 - THE ONE STOP ROCKY SHOP is a convenience store with groceries, sundries, over-the-counter medications and a large selection of great tasting items that you can "eat on the run".

General Manager of Dining Services: 298-1292
University Union Food Service Office: 298-1292

Food Service in the University Union shall be exclusively provided and administered by Sodexo Campus Services. Reservations may be made with Sodexo Campus Services, located on the first floor, northwest corner, of the University Union.

The final number attending the food service event must be confirmed at least 72 hours in advance. The charge for meals is based on this guaranteed number. Prices quoted are exclusive of sales tax. Gratuities are not expected.

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Recreation Areas

Billiards Room
Phone: 298-1991

The Billiards Room is located on the basement level of the Union. This facility provides electronic games, billiards tables and an area for scheduled entertainment.

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Office of Student Activities

Telephone: 298-3232
Fax: 298-2879

Professional staff in the Office of Student Activities provide students with practical, educational, and leadership experiences that compliment their traditional classroom education by providing assistance to individual students and student organizations in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of their cultural, social, and educational programs and services.

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