Administrative Procedures Handbook

Vending Services

Phone: 309/298-1988
Fax: 309/298-1844

Vending Services provides clean, filled, and operable vending machines for the campus community. Current vending products on campus include carbonated beverages, non-carbonated cold drinks, snacks, cold food, milk, and coffee. Feminine products are dispensed in administrative and academic buildings.

Each building on campus has a vending liaison, responsible for providing refunds in the event money is lost in a machine or for reporting malfunctions in a vending machine. Most vending banks have a sign indicating the location of the vending liaison in that particular building. If there is no sign, contact Vending Services for information.

Machines on campus accept coins and most accept currency. Currently 79 machines in 19 different buildings accept the Western Illinois University debit card.

WIU-Quad Cities vending is available in the student lounge in B12. Vending machines accept paper and change currency, a change machine is also available.