Political Science

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Integrated B.A./M.A. degree in Political Science

The Political Science department now offers an integrated B.A./M.A. program which allows students enrolled in the political science major to complete both their Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in a five year period. The first three years of study will involve the University's general education requirements and undergraduate-level coursework in the major and minor. During their senior year, students will be able to take up to three courses that will count towards both degrees. During the fifth and final year of the program, students finish the remaining 21 hours required for the M.A. Students may be eligible for graduate assistantships for their fifth year.

Students are eligible to be admitted after completing 90 hours of undergraduate work. Applicants must be a political science major with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25, a GPA in the major of at least 3.25, and meet all requirements for admittance to the graduate program.

For more information or to apply, please contact Dr. TC LaFrance at (309) 298-1055 or by email at TC-LaFrance@wiu.edu.